‘White Privilege’ is Another Leftist Fabrication

For decades Democrats and blacks have talked about some type of “privilege” that white people are supposed to have. This is nonsense. First, here is yet another amazing example of the racial duplicity among left-wing educational leaders. This is from Foxnews.com:

There’s a big election controversy at a California middle school after the principal discovered that not enough black or Latino students were elected to office. Principal Lena Van Haren’s decision to withhold the results of the student government elections angered parents and students at Everett Middle School in San Francisco. “It’s not okay for a school that is really, really diverse to have the student representatives majority white,” she told the San Francisco Chronicle. “The easy thing would have been to announce the results and move on. I intentionally did not choose the easy way because this is so important.”

So there you go. A free election no longer is enough for a public school principal. It has to be coerced and crammed into a radical socio-political template.

And this female did indeed take the easy way out. Because freedom of electoral choice is a privilege that has been thousands of years in the making, and comes from centuries of hard work and dedication to the principles of liberty. Dictators, on the other hand, who cancel or rig elections, have been oppressing people since the beginning of time. And it’s easy to do. Just cancel an election or declare an election winner of the dictator’s choice or put into power one of the dictator’s cronies. Presto. Instant government…

This election rigging is the type of thinking that kids learn in public schools these days, and often in private schools and in colleges and universities, both public and private. In other words, almost the entire educational system has been polluted. This comes on top of the nationwide War on White Men and the repetitive message in American education and the media that there is something called “white privilege”, that somehow white people, and particularly white men, have special status that is not available to anyone else.

No, friends, there is no “white privilege”. The higher status of certain people in America like white men generally is a result of two things – intelligence and diligence – that help those people to better themselves. And white people, particularly white men, just happen to have the most intelligence and diligence of all the world’s people, and historically have.

That is why European and American ideas have led the world for thousands of years, and why modern Euro/American technology like computers, electricity, the internal combustion engine and refrigeration today dominates the entire globe while the miniscule group of a few dozen white men who invented all of this technology is just an infinitesimal fraction of the world’s total historical population.

The school principal mentioned above therefore apparently thinks that we must give disadvantaged people some kind of special help, i.e., she cancels the election. This is pure tyranny. Then the principal has two choices: Force a black/latino kid to run for office, i.e, puppet government; or cancel the election and take over the political decisions to be made, i.e., dictatorship. Neither is acceptable except to the Democrat party which always has an expedient, anti-liberty and/or dangerous solution for every political challenge.

Now consider another issue of race. Some states in the American South are scurrying to ban the Confederate flag by claiming that the flag is a symbol of racial discrimination against blacks and is somehow leading to crime against blacks. On the other hand many white Southerners see the flag as a symbol of Southern pride.

Yet there is zero evidence that the Confederate flag is contributing to any white crime against blacks. In fact the black crime rate against whites is astronomical compared to vice versa. So on the other hand Nikitas3.com believes that we should ban the public appearances of certain blacks like anti-white racist Al Sharpton and racial inciter congresswoman Maxine Waters and millions like them in order to reduce the astronomical crime rate of blacks against whites.

And that we should jail people like the black Harvard professor who suggested that looting and burning by blacks is a legitimate form of protest. After all that is incitement, which is illegal. Sharpton has a lifelong record of racial incitement, including the famous Freddy’s Fashion Mart fire, and the Tawana Brawley case of 1986 when he falsely accused a group of three white man of raping a black teenager.

How about Obama’s shameful, incendiary and inciting language, once telling an hispanic audience to “punish your enemies” and another time saying that “if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” This is extremist and unacceptable language from a president. So let’s ban the reactionary inciter Obama in order to reduce crime.

These quotes show that Obama is the type of street-thug president whose followers cancel school elections without a second thought. Because in the mean streets where Obama’s heart dwells freedom does not matter and you can say anything you want. In these streets only raw power matters, as raw power is all that matters to Democrats as a party.

Then the same Democrats favor these “sanctuary city” policies, from which we definitely know that tens of thousands of crimes develop every year including the murder of Kathleen Steinle by an illegal alien criminal from Mexico. Then these Democrats want to ban the Confederate flag, to which zero crimes have been linked. Amazing, isn’t it, how Democrats can twist reality 180 degrees.

Nikitas3.com urges all conservatives and all good Americans to avoid San Francisco and other sanctuary cities. And urge your friends and acquaintances to avoid them.

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