More Proof that Solar Energy is Fake

Hussein Obama ran off to a ‘climate’ conference in Paris in November just two weeks after the terror attack there. Because Obama and his ‘green’ cronies consider ‘climate change’ to be more threatening than terrorism.

Yet there is no indication whatsoever that the ‘climate’ is functioning any differently than it has for thousands of years. It has been “changing” for millennia. And if you analyze the issue you will notice that every single “solution” to the alleged “climate” crisis is based in government control of the economy and the energy supply. Which is why Obama ran to Paris. It was really to promote government power.

The ecologists are proposing “green” energy as a solution to the so-called ‘climate crisis’. Yet “green” energy is grossly inefficient, as explained below, and inefficiency is extremely damaging to the environment.

We should be investing our capital in efficient nuclear power plants which are thousands of times more efficient than even coal-fired plants, or millions of time more efficient than solar panels and windmills. Nuclear is the most efficient power source ever devised by man. Even many environmentalists now favor nuclear. Unfortunately we are frittering away more and more of our limited capital on solar and wind. That capital can never be recovered. If we continue down this path solar and wind energy will doom our economy.

To get some insight into the fraud of solar electricity look at these two internet excerpts. The first is from BBC in Britain reporting about a huge solar power plant being built in the Sahara Desert in Morocco:

Morocco’s previously useless slice of the Sahara is proving a blessing for solar power. … Thierry Lepercq, CEO of the Paris-based Solaire Direct, said (controversially) that large-scale ground-mounted solar could already be built without subsidy even in a country like in the UK.

Then reported about Israel:

(A solar energy expert) computed that a (5 square mile) area in Israel’s Negev desert would provide enough electricity to serve one million people. … That power generation figure would account for 10% of Israel’s current power generation, nearly all of which is produced by coal.

First of all notice that BBC talks about the “useless” slice of Moroccan desert. But that “useless” land is normally called “wilderness” and is embraced pathologically by the environmentalists.

But now that environmentalists can get rich by obliterating this land with solar panels it suddenly is called “useless”, the same way that ecologists are desecrating our rural meadows with black solar panels and our beautiful mountaintops with windmills. Which proves the theorem that environmentalism is not about the environment at all – it is about certain people on the “green” left getting rich on solar panels and windmills as they destroy our environment.

Internet stories are reporting that the Moroccan solar plant is supposed to provide electricity for “1 million homes”. The story about Israel also conveniently mentions “1 million people”. Because “one million” is very easy to remember for public consumption.

But there is no evidence that this electricity production is actually happening. These are just projections intended for worldwide media dissemination to increase support for solar power. Look at the story about the Israeli plant – the solar expert has “computed” that it will produce all of that energy.

Look also at the sentence that says that “Thierry Lepercq, CEO of the Paris-based Solaire Direct, said (controversially) that large-scale ground-mounted solar could already be built without subsidy even in a country like in the UK.”

Notice that even BBC says “controversially”. In other words nobody has built such a plant and proven that it can produce the electricity that it claims, even with subsidies. Because these solar activists never show us how these plants really work, even in sunny places, never mind cloudy Britain.

On the short article for a solar plant in the Mojave Desert in Lancaster, California, Wikipedia itself warns today more than 5 years after the plant’s completion that “This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. Please help improve it by removing promotional content and inappropriate external links and by adding encyclopedic content written from a neutral point of view.”

Well, don’t you think that 5 years into its operation that at least the Wikipedia page would excitedly be able to report lots of facts and figures about the plant’s output and success?

I sure would, but there is none. Because everything about ‘green’ energy is written like this, with idealized projections but no real figures about the actual performance.

Those solar panels around your town or city or village are producing negligible amounts of electricity at extremely high cost, but it is never accurately measured and reported so as not to expose solar as a fraud. We are just supposed to assume that they are producing “free” and “clean” energy because that is what it says in the newspaper and in the solar pamphlets. What we really need to see are accurate measurements of their power output, and then we also need to have a side-by-side comparison with other energy sources. Yet we never do. Because if we did we would reject solar.

Sunlight simply has no worthwhile energy content for our modern power demands. To prove the point try driving a Toyota Camry with solar panels for power, or flying in a solar jetliner. You will not move an inch. Or try sailing across the sea to Europe with “free” wind energy; it will take you a month to get there.

But a single cup of gasoline can power your Camry for two miles. And don’t believe the eco-propaganda that “the world is running out of oil”; the world’s known/estimated oil reserves are growing every year while most of the world is underexplored or unexplored.

Then remember that oil, coal and natural gas companies have been successfully producing the energy that has powered the world for hundreds of years; that they pay both taxes AND royalties TO the government; that they take NO subsidies from the taxpayer; and that they have employed millions of people at great salaries.

On the other hand solar energy pays NO taxes or royalties to the government; takes huge subsidies FROM the government (the taxpayer); employs people only on taxpayer-subsidized jobs; and produces negligible amounts of energy. In other words we are being incrementally drained by solar energy, dollar by dollar.

The Lancaster, California plant covers 20 acres, has a reputed output of a paltry 5 megawatts and uses 24,000 mirrors. Yet when I searched for information about the plant on the internet nothing came up about whether it actually works.

These mirrors are a new type of solar plant that uses concentrated sunlight. These mirrors are the size of garage doors and very heavy. They move on tracking mechanisms and are supposed to super-accurately track the sun as it crawls across the sky and, all in precise unison, reflect the sun’s rays exactly on one spot on a tower where their concentrated solar heat is supposed to boil water in a steam turbine, which is supposed to spin an electrical generator.

This all sounds wonderful but it is preposterous. First, if these mirrors are off by just a fraction of an inch then the sun is not properly focused and the mirrors are useless. Then these mirrors have to accurately track the sun on a minutely different path each day since the sun changes its position vis-à-vis the earth every single day. Third, they are frying birds that fly through the reflected light.

Thus their movement has to be totally computerized to run, reset and run over and over super-precisely every day, but on a different path. Then the mirrors have to reflect the sun perfectly every second of every day with their complex 3-D tracking done by electric motors and gears on each mirror. Yet computer programs and mechanical devices fail, or don’t work properly, all the time. The more devices you have – like 24,000 of them – and the more precise they need to be, the more failure you are going to have and the more time and labor you need to spend on repairs. And this plant is only a puny 5 megawatts.

The motors themselves then consume some of the electricity that the plant is supposed to be producing, and these motors require a lot of electricity to move these giant mirrors. But if the day is alternately cloudy and sunny then the tracking motors are still running all day long but the plant is putting out zero energy for those parts of the day when it is cloudy. Thus when it is cloudy the plant is actually consuming energy and not producing it which, in places like New England, can be half of the daytime hours of the year or more.

This system not only requires a lot of electricity to move 24,000 mirrors in one direction all day long, but an equal amount of electricity to shift the heavy mirrors back at the end of the day, to prepare to start again in the morning, i.e., the plant again consumes electricity while it generates none.

This Lancaster plant also is in the desert, which is primarily rock and dirt and sand. And deserts can become windy, even ferociously windy, and dust can be carried in the air in large quantities, like dust storms or sand storms. So if these 24,000 mirrors get dust or dirt on them they lose effectiveness. Yet you could never afford to pay people to clean 24,000 mirrors constantly, or even use machines to do it – that would be grossly expensive. This is one of the many costs and inefficiencies that the solar advocates never tell you about.

This is why virtually no information appears about the actual energy production of these mirror plants. Because all of these factors combined make these plants largely inefficient or totally useless. Otherwise there would be articles all over the internet about their success. But there are none. All we ever see on the internet are photos of solar installations and promises about how much “free” energy they are allegedly producing. What we really need are scientific measurements of how much energy they actually are making and what it really is costing.

Here is another news article about another solar power plant in the desert in California. The whole article says nothing about the actual output of the plant: This was published in April 29, 2013:

What will become the world’s largest solar photovoltaic development is now in “major construction” mode in California’s Antelope Valley, about 60 miles north of Los Angeles. The solar manufacturer and developer SunPower and the utility company MidAmerican announced this new status late last week, coinciding with a big community event at the 3,230-acre site, where preliminary work began in January. The development consists of Antelope Valley Solar Project 1, a 309-MW plant that will straddle the Kern-Los Angeles county line; and AVSP 2, a 270-MW plant that will be entirely in Kern County. When completed by the end of 2015, if all goes according to plan, the Antelope Valley Solar Projects will add up to 579 MW, dwarfing any other PV outpost in the world. Right now, the Agua Caliente project in Arizona – a First Solar development owned by NRG and MidAmerican – is at the top of the heap, at 250 megawatts.

That plant’s first phase came online February 20, 2013, almost 3 years ago, yet there is nothing on the internet about how much electricity it actually has produced, including in the above article published after 2 months of operation. And these output numbers (like 270 MW (megawatts) are just numbers. There is no indication that they are producing that energy. Even today, 3 years later, only says this about Antelope Valley and its 760,000 tracking motors (yes, 760,000 panels are on tracking motors):

On February 20, 2013, the first 100 megawatts came online. The plant will use approximately 3.8 million solar panels, about 20% of which will be mounted on single-axis tracking racks. When fully operational, the plant is expected to generate enough energy for 75,000 homes, displacing 140,000 tons of CO2. The power generated by AVSR1 is being purchased by Pacific Gas & Electric under a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement.

The full Wikipedia article says nothing about its output, only that it “came online” and “is expected to generate” such and such. In six pages of internet search there is nothing about how much power the plant is actually producing. Yet don’t you think that these figures would be available by now, almost 3 years after it first started operating? Wouldn’t the solar advocates be touting its success?

Of course. But there are none. Doesn’t this seem strange to you?

It darned well should. Because they are wasting YOUR tax dollars on this stuff.

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