‘Angriest Voices’ are Nothing of the Sort

It is now a huge story that Republican South Carolina governor Nikki Haley was referring to fellow Republican Donald Trump when she said that “the angriest voices” are often those heard most prominently on issues like illegal immigration.

This has caused a ruckus for two big reasons. First, Haley used the occasion of the Republican rebuttal to Obama’s State of the Union speech to criticize Trump and conservatives instead of Obama. So she has just made tens of millions of enemies and pretty much ruined her chance to be selected as a vice-presidential candidate in the November election after she was considered to be a leading contender.

Second, these “angriest voices” are no such thing. They are reasonable responses to issues that badly need to be addressed.

Nikitas3.com has said many times that conservatism is a rational response to liberal extremism. But liberals and their media cronies need to smear conservatives as “angry” since conservatives really are exposing the extremism of liberals, like open borders and endless welfare handouts.

When president Ronald Reagan called the communist Soviet Union an “evil empire” in a famous speech in 1983 Democrats went absolutely bonkers. They said that this was an “angry” Ronald Reagan using strident and confrontational language. Yet Reagan was absolutely correct. What he said needed to be said at the highest levels. The Soviet Union was an oppressive, impoverishing, totalitarian dictatorship that had murdered tens of millions of its own citizens in genocide.

Now that Donald Trump is proposing to end illegal immigration and seal the Mexican border it is being called an “angry” response to the problem. Yet Trump is absolutely correct. The open-borders policy of the Democrats is doing great harm to our nation and to our economy.

When our economy was thriving and needed immigrant workers, as it often did over the last 50 years, conservatives were willing to turn a blind eye to illegal immigration. But today we are simply building a huge illegal immigrant underclass that is draining our economy. We no longer can employ these people. Millions of them are living on American welfare and food stamps.

But they can just as easily stay in their own countries and be idle and poor than live in America and be idle and poor. There is no difference whatsoever. Yet then we conservatives are called “angry” for pointing out this Inconvenient Truth.

Look at how “angry white men” are depicted over and over in the media as being the core constituents of the Tea Party movement. Yet Tea Partiers are the most productive, law-abiding people in the US. At the same time crime statistics show that black males commit far and away the greatest rate of violence than anyone else in our society, i.e., black males are the “angriest” Americans of all. But somehow liberals and media never portray them that way. No, they say that black males are all peaceful and caring, and are just victims of bias, discrimination, etc.

Donald Trump has been called “angry” far wanting to halt Muslim refugee immigration into the US since we have no way to vet these refugees. Except that terrorists have infiltrated refugee populations in Europe. Even the recent Istanbul bombing was carried out by a Syrian refugee who had only been in Turkey for a single week.

Even when Muslims commit terror acts within the US liberals first and reflexively seek to explain away how “angry” Americans really caused the Muslims to do their evil deed in the first place, and “angry” Americans are going to seek revenge on all Muslims for terrorism. They never mention that these terrorists are some of the “angriest” people on earth who have built nothing, but destroy everything in their path.

This criticism of conservatives by Haley comes from the Republican Establishment and is precisely why Republicans keep losing presidential elections. It is because these ‘moderate’ Republicans think that they are going to win by being like Democrats. Yet the opposite has happened, and we have seen it over and over – when Republicans act like Democrats in a head-to-head contest voters pick the Democrat because they see no alternative voice to what is considered a Democrat policy.

In fact it is we conservatives who always offer the best solutions for the largest number of people on every single issue. For instance, today it is hurting poor Americans, and even hurting poor illegal immigrants who already are here, to allow more and more poor illegal aliens to come to the US and to compete for jobs. This is not the 1920s. We don’t have anywhere near enough jobs for 50 million poor Americans already here. It is not “anger” that wants us to shut the border. It is simple common sense.

If you want to see the angriest people in American history look no farther than the Democrats. How about labor unions? The thugs who control the unions have for decades used threats, intimidation, violence and strikes to achieve their ends. Yet unions are never called “angry” by the Democrats or the media.

Another truly angry and vicious institution in America is the abortion industry. Tens of millions of American children have been casually killed through abortion, hundreds of thousands of them babies at the point of birth. Yet when ever have you heard the pro-abortionists called “angry”?
Never. Not once.

Those of us who want strong criminal laws to punish wrongdoers and return our society to a law-abiding status are called “angry” people who want revenge on criminals. Except that it is the soft-on-crime Democrats who are unleashing anger on America with their leniency toward criminals, which leads to more crime and violence, not less.

In fact Obama is our “angriest” president ever, by far. His policies reflect it. Our nation is in the worst shape ever under his leadership. This is no surprise. He continually criticizes America and neglects to criticize our enemies. That is real anger, friends. Just see it for what it is.

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