Joe Biden Could Be the 2016 Democrat Nominee

First, here’s a quick word about the Republicans: Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump for president. This is significant not only because Palin has a large conservative following but because it challenges the idea that Trump is not conservative enough.

Yet that is not even necessarily the point. The point is that a Republican simply must win the White House in 2016 or our nation is going to be in bigger trouble than it already is. Thus Palin is making a calculated assessment that Trump is both conservative enough to suit her, and is electable.

The questions about Ted Cruz’s legal status are obviously hurting Cruz. While we can all assume that his status is lawful, an anti-Cruz judge could sandbag him. This can only give us pause about nominating Cruz this time around.

Ted Cruz is a great conservative. loves Ted Cruz and predicts that Cruz will be president someday once this legal issue is settled. I even have predicted that Cruz could beat Hillary.

Ted Cruz is now only 45 years old and has many decades ahead in which to flourish and influence our nation in the right direction. Now onto Joe Biden:

Will vice president Joe Biden be the Democrat nominee for president in November?

Don’t think that it can’t happen since Hillary Clinton is sinking into more and more trouble.

Biden announced in October that he would not challenge Hillary in the primaries but said recently about that decision, “I regret it every day”. So don’t think that Biden is not waiting eagerly in the wings as trouble mounts for Hillary. Rest assured that his advisors, and many other Democrats, are gathering quietly and in secret to discuss a possible Hillary collapse. has said for several years that Hillary is a weak and vulnerable candidate. Now it’s not just Benghazi that threatens her, or her pro-Muslim tenure as secretary of state, or Bill Clinton’s corruption, or her falling poll numbers or the rise of the Vermont militant Bernie Sanders. It now is even more direct and serious: It appears that FBI could recommend that Hillary be indicted over her e-mail scandal on the grounds of violation of national security laws. And if that happens it will be the end of the Clintons.

This would come on top of Trump’s attacks on Hillary for covering up for Bill Clinton’s sexual abuse of women, which has predicted would have a significant negative impact, which it now is. Another new story has recently emerged about another young woman whom Bill Clinton assaulted in his past. predicts that more victims will surface.

If Hillary goes down there will be Democrat armageddon and Sanders is next in line to be the nominee. Thus Sanders’ followers, of which there are many, would expect him to be the nominee. But the Democrat party establishment might decide that Sanders is too radical and that they want Biden as the nominee.

Then at the convention next Summer some powerful Democrats could try to draft Biden and seek to make him the nominee. Or they could insert him into the race immediately if Hillary dropped out.

This would cause total chaos. After all Sanders took on Clinton when it seemed an impossible task. Yet some polls today show him beating Clinton in early primaries. So he obviously, and rightly, thinks that he has earned the nomination.

If Biden came in Sanders even could revolt and make a third-party run. This would be a disaster for the Democrats. Already it is certain that millions of fringe Sanders voters will not support Hillary if she is the nominee. This alone looks like an open door for a Trump victory.

What should we conservatives wish for? Should we want Hillary to be indicted and to drop out?

Well, it would be excellent but there also could be three other possible outcomes:

*FBI does not formally request an indictment, but hands over material for an indictment to the Obama Justice Department, which does not indict her. This would be extremely damaging to Hillary but would not necessarily remove her from the race. This would pretty much guarantee the White House to Trump or Cruz, or whoever the Republican nominee is. After all, this email scandal is about Hillary’s lax approach to national security, which Republicans are focused on this year, among other issues.
*FBI requests an indictment but US attorney general Loretta Lynch declines to act on it. This would be worse than Watergate, and would weaken Hillary and the Democrats greatly, paving the way for a Trump or Cruz win in November, and Democrat losses all the way down the ticket to dog catcher.
*Hillary’s troubles lead Biden to join the primary race, but Hillary does not drop out. This would cause major divisions on the Democrat side and, again, lead to a Republican win.

Biden ran for president twice before, once briefly in 2008 and then way back in 1988. He became famous in the 1988 race for dropping out after he was found to have plagiarized speeches from a British politician, and from other American politicians, and to have been untruthful about his education record.

Biden was first elected to the US Senate from Delaware in 1972. Shortly after his election his wife and young daughter were killed in a car accident. Biden is a very liberal Democrat of Irish descent.

Meanwhile there have been reports that certain Establishment Republicans want to try to draft Mitt Romney to run if Trump looks like he is going to win the nomination. This, however, does not seem likely. Romney would probably never agree to it and it would cause too much disruption.

This type of candidate substitution most famously occurred when Democrat presidential candidate George McGovern in 1972 picked US senator Thomas Eagleton of Missouri as his vice presidential running mate. It turned out that Eagleton had been hospitalized for depression earlier in his life. McGovern then picked Kennedy in-law Sargent Shriver and lost in a 49-state landslide to incumbent Republican Richard Nixon. McGovern did win Massachusetts.

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