‘Greens’ Target Rural America

Over and over we see environmentalists killing American jobs and prosperity. Here is one significant example out of thousands: In the 1990s environmentalists claimed that there was a “spotted owl” crisis in the forests of Oregon, saying that the owl was threatened and was disappearing because of the cutting of too many trees.

As a result of federal restrictions 30,000 rural Oregonians in the logging industry lost their jobs while hundreds of thousands of other Oregonians were adversely affected. Those logging jobs went straight to Canada. Yet the logging ban seems to have had no effect on saving the spotted owl. Look at this from Oregon State University:

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Northern spotted owl populations are declining in all parts of their range in the Pacific Northwest, according to research published in (a ‘green’ publication). Based on data from 11 study areas across Washington, Oregon and northern California, a rangewide decline of nearly 4 percent per year was estimated from 1985 to 2013. Researchers found evidence that the invasive barred owl is playing a pivotal role in the continued decline of spotted owls… Barred owls compete with spotted owls for space, food and habitat. This research indicated that since monitoring began spotted owl populations declined 55-77 percent in Washington, 31-68 percent in Oregon and 32-55 percent in California. In addition, population declines are now occurring on study areas in southern Oregon and northern California that were previously experiencing little to no detectable decline through 2009.

Thus the main cause of decline was nature itself… the barred owl. So there you go – almost 20 years of restricted logging since the 1990s did nothing to save the spotted owl. New areas even have shown decline just since 2009.

Then you might think that the job losses among the loggers were a sad consequence of the attempt to save the spotted owl. But you would be wrong. In fact it was just the opposite – the main goal of this campaign was to destroy 30,000 logging jobs, harm the logging companies and put the forests of Oregon back into a natural state. The spotted owl was just the phony pretext for it all. This is how ecologists operate all over America.

There is more: Who says the spotted owl was so endangered anyway? This is just what ‘green’ researchers claim, but these claims are made over and over with no independent verification, while these ‘green’ crusaders always claim that the most dire projections are true. Because the estimates for “endangered” or “threatened” or “declining” wildlife populations are just that – projections based on limited counts. And these figures can be manipulated to say anything that the researcher wants.

Have you ever seen one of these “green” activists say that everything is great, that wildlife is thriving, as it is in many places all over the globe?

Never. They are totally negative and dark. They never, ever say how clean our air and water are, how much land we have in wilderness (half of the world today is wilderness), how efficient our automobiles are, etc.

Yet these “greenies” have been wrong about all of their end-of-the-world scenarios. For instance they have been saying for 40 years that the world is running out of oil at the same time that known/estimated global oil reserves are growing constantly, and most of the world remains underexplored or unexplored.

The nation of Israel has discovered that it may have more oil than Saudi Arabia in underground oil shale formations. The United States has an estimated 2 trillion barrels just in its above-ground oil shale while the whole world is estimated to have used 1 trillion barrels of oil in the last 150 years. Just one tiny fraction of the Canadian province of Alberta is estimated to have 1 trillion barrels in its ‘oil sands’ deposits.

Economic obstruction like the spotted owl ploy are everywhere in rural America. One example of many in my local area – ‘green’ activists are seeking to bar construction of an underground pipeline to carry crucial natural gas into New England, where millions are dependent on the fuel. Yet the same “greens” are putting up these hideous 30-storey windmills everywhere. Why? Because environmentalists are getting rich on windmills, so the blight of wind energy is ignored.

Remember the Golden Rule: Environmentalists are destroying the natural environment for profit, just like they have accused others of doing.

This spotted owl campaign was instigated for three reasons:

*Environmentalists are on the Democrat political left. Their power base is in the cities and the universities, and among blacks, hispanics, Asians and now Muslims. They detest the conservative, hard-working white people who populate much of rural and small-town America and so they are happy to destroy rural livelihoods. Just look at decades of media ridicule of “rednecks” and white rural Americans.
*Environmentalists are seeking to return rural America to a Green Utopia by driving the people out by killing their jobs. This is part of a United Nations ploy called Agenda 21. This happens step by step, in one place and then another and then another, in every state. All of these individual assaults on economic development add up to a massive national assault on rural America.
*This spotted-owl campaign has weakened the logging industry, which environmentalists despise since logging companies profit from the forests and then give their campaign contributions overwhelmingly to Republican and conservative political candidates.

Naturally you might think that politicians from these rural states would favor development for their rural constituents. But remember that very liberal Democrats can get elected even in rural states largely with urban, university and suburban votes.

For instance Oregon today is 99% rural by geography, but it has two liberal Democrat US senators and a liberal Democrat governor. This has happened since the sparse proportion of the population that is rural is small and shrinking, while the urban/suburban population, and the academic/university population, are thriving.

This has happened in other states that are considered “rural” like Vermont, Montana and Washington state. And don’t forget that many environmentalists and other liberals also now live in rural areas and small towns, since cars allow us to live wherever we wish. But these liberals live independent of the ‘extractive’ economies like mining and logging. So they are not affected by these ‘green’ campaigns; in fact they often participate in them.

Meanwhile the big newspapers and many other media outlets in these “rural” states remain stridently liberal. And thus Democrat politicians are only too happy to cater to their voters and media cronies by promoting the “green” agenda, and to heck with their conservative rural constituents.

Environmentalists really have one principal goal and that is to slow or halt economic development all over the world in order to reduce resource consumption and reduce pollution. They focus on rural areas where people have little organized political power and where there is the only opportunity to create Green Utopia. Yet even with more than 7 billion people on earth today, half of the world remains wilderness, according to a study in which more than 200 international scientists contributed to the analysis. Just look at a population map of the world to see the truth.

So why can’t environmentalists be happy that they have half? Answer: Because environmentalists want all of the land possible since environmentalists are really heartless and power-hungry big-government socialists. Meanwhile they conveniently ignore how wonderful so much of the world is today with man’s imprint. Look at Europe and all of its splendid historic beauty – its cities and cathedrals and castles and museums – or small towns in America, or our pleasant suburbs with nice homes for our hard-working people, or our picturesque farming areas full of decent, diligent people. But environmentalists want only unspoiled wilderness; they are oblivious to the achievements of man.

At the same time millions of the most vocal environmentalists come from the upper middle class or the wealthy classes and they live in great material comfort in man-made environments like our cities, suburbs and university towns.

Meanwhile most environmental policies themselves actually harm the natural environment. Consider these examples:

*Environmentalists support grossly inefficient public transit systems like expensive urban trolley/light-rail systems, or like Amtrak which actually consumes much more energy per passenger-mile than most other forms of transport.
*Environmentalists have been blocking super-efficient American nuclear power for decades. In its place American power plants now must burn more than 1 billion tons of coal every single year, and 7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. This is a massive waste of resources.
*Environmentalists fully advocate recycling which is a dirty, inefficient and expensive way to deal with our trash. Nikitas3.com has proposed repeatedly that we burn all of our garbage as fuel, and turn it into electricity. This the most direct, clean and efficient way to deal with garbage and to eliminate the need for landfills. If you don’t know how this process works, look it up. Garbage-to-electricity incineration is common in Europe, which is much more crowded than America, and has much less free land for disposing of trash.
*Windmills are embraced by most environmentalists but they are not only terrible blights on the land and on our mountaintops, but they are killing millions of birds each year, including “endangered” eagles. But that is no problem for the ‘greenies’. Here is CBSNews.com on December 6, 2013:

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration said Friday it will allow some companies to kill or injure bald and golden eagles for up to 30 years without penalty, an effort to spur development and investment in green energy while balancing its environmental consequences. The change, requested by the wind energy industry, will provide legal protection for the lifespan of wind farms and other projects for which companies obtain a permit and make efforts to avoid killing the birds.

Amazing. See how selective and hypocritical the “greenies” are? They are only “green” when it serves their interests, i.e., when they want to stop logging or prevent the oil companies from drilling. But when they are getting rich on windmills, forget it. They will kill all of the eagles if they have to.

In short, environmentalists believe that man and his lifestyle are evil. So if you see an environmentalist promoting a policy that seems hurtful to people, you understand why. Indeed they have one single-minded goal and that is to stop economic development at all costs and to make only one species ‘endangered’ – human beings.

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