‘Enthusiasm Gap’ Strongly Favors 2016 Conservatives

First a word about the Supreme Court: Did you see what happened after the Republicans in the US Senate finally got a spine and stood up to Obama?

To recap: Senate Republican leaders, who control the activities of the US Senate through their numerical majority, told Obama that they would not hold hearings on a replacement for the late conservative Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia. Period. No hearings. No confirmation. Nothing. Just like Nikitas3.com recommended. They said that a Scalia replacement would have to wait until after the next president is inaugurated, which we can hope and expect to be a Republican.

And of course wimpy liberal Republicrats all over the nation cowered in the corner waiting for the Democrats and the Leftist Media to get really mad and to call them names and demand that hearings be held. These Republicrats were prepared to immediately elevate to the Supreme Court any militant left-wing nominee that Obama’s radical heart desired.

Well, lo and behold days after the Republicans said no to Obama he floated a trial balloon, that he might nominate the Republican governor of Nevada to replace Scalia.

This was certainly an Obama fake job, but the fact that the Supreme Court issue already has faded away proves a point – that the Republicans should have been standing up to Obama for the last 7 years, that it would have worked, and that much of the decay, debt and destruction that we have experienced could have been prevented if the Republicrats had gotten a spine. And now for today’s main commentary:

‘Enthusiasm Gap’ Favors Republicans

South Carolina Republican voters turned out in the February 20 primary in numbers 20% higher than the former peak in 2012. Meanwhile, in three Democrat primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, voter turnout tumbled, in Nevada to 33% lower than the 2008 peak. Even in Massachusetts more than 20,000 voters have quit the Democrat party, allegedly to vote for Republican Trump in the Super Tuesday primary. Even at the Nikitas3.com Massachusetts polling place on Super Tuesday there were no sign holders for Hillary or Sanders.

This is all very significant. This is called an “enthusiasm gap”. It shows that Republicans and conservatives are enthusiastic about the coming presidential election but that Democrats are unenthusiastic about their race with the boring technocrat Hillary Clinton at the helm. And this “gap” has always produced a win for the “enthusiastic” party. Even long-time Democrat operative Paul Begala said that the ‘gap’ is “keeping me awake at night”.

This concerns something that we might call “fatigue”. Do you remember something called “Bush fatigue”? It came along in 2006 after George W. Bush had been in the White House for five years and the Iraq war was going badly. Despite the economy thriving at the time the media claimed that we all were experiencing “Bush fatigue”, and in Autumn 2006 these media skunks shouted over and over that “nobody wants Bush and the Iraq war” and “nobody will vote Republican ever again” and “everyone hates Bush”, and “America is tired of Republicans”, etc.

And indeed Republicans did poorly in the November 2006 election. But then the historic election landslide victories of Republicans and Tea Partiers in 2010 and 2014 turned that around. McCain didn’t even do that badly against Obama in 2008, or Romney in 2012, despite full media cheerleading for Obama and all-out media hatred for Republicans.

Now we are facing ‘Democrat fatigue’ in 2016. Hasn’t the failure of Obama ruined the Democrats for years to come? And are we not suffering terminal ‘Clinton fatigue’ after Bill and Hillary have been in our faces non-stop for 24 years since Bill was first elected president?

Of course – big time. Meanwhile we have Trump and Cruz and Rubio with transformative ideas to fix the country. But no, the media are doing everything they can to advocate the sclerotic status quo with Hillary or, even worse, 74 year old Bernie Sanders with the most tired old message in the world… tax the rich, “climate change”, everything should be ‘free’ (college, health care, etc.), $15 minimum wage, etc.

Think about the 1960s. You would think that Republicans never would be elected again after the rise of the ‘hippies’ and the leftists, which the media portrayed as everybody in America. Yet Republican Richard Nixon won the presidency in 1968 and a landslide re-election in 1972 with 49 out of 50 electoral states over George McGovern. There is even a famous quote from a major liberal media figure who said, “I can’t believe that McGovern lost. Everyone I know voted for him…” This is the way that socialists always see the world, i.e., everything revolves around them.

After Nixon resigned in August 1974 and his vice president Gerald Ford took over and then was defeated for a full term in 1976 by Democrat Jimmy Carter the media claimed that nobody would ever vote Republican again and that Nixon had destroyed the Republican party.

Alas, conservative Republican Ronald Reagan won resounding presidential victories in both 1980 and 1984. And then his vice president George HW Bush won the White House in 1988 by a wide margin. And then Bush only lost his bid for re-election in 1992 because third-party, Bush-hating billionaire candidate Ross Perot siphoned off enough votes from Bush to give the White House to Democrat Bill Clinton.

Consider the four top Republicans in the presidential race today. Trump is totally unique, coming from the private sector, and one of the most economically successful men in American history. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are both in their 40s with a youthful appearance and fresh ideas to utterly challenge the failing Democrat status quo. John Kasich has been a very effective Ohio governor, turning around a state once considered beyond saving.

Yet there has been little or nothing uttered in the Leftist Media about the bright people on the conservative side or about “Obama fatigue” or “Clinton fatigue” or about the “enthusiasm gap” in the primaries.

Friends, we have had ‘Democrat fatigue’ for decades. The only way that Democrats have continued to win elections is to use their media cronies to tell us that everything is great when everything is really awful, as they are doing today.

Democrats also continue to steal elections whenever they can. For instance Obamacare would not even exist if it were not for three critical US Senate elections stolen by Democrats (South Dakota in 2002, Minnesota in 2008 and Alaska in 2008), which gave Democrats a crucial 60 seat ‘super-majority’ to pass Obamacare without opposition.

Meanwhile most younger Americans do not even know that the 1960 presidential election was stolen for Democrat John F. Kennedy by his wealthy father. But since it was the Kennedys it was allowed to pass. Look it up if you don’t believe it.

‘Democrat fatigue’ has set in many times on the state level in recent years, which is a good sign. Liberal-leaning states like Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan have elected and re-elected effective conservative Republican governors in order to undo the damage that previous Democrat governors had done. Even ultra-liberal Massachusetts and Maryland elected Republican governors in 2014. Even Vermont almost did. These are all bellwethers of what Nikitas3.com believes is going to happen on the presidential level in 2016.

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