Hillary Reveals Why 9/11 Happened

Hillary Clinton recently made one of the most outrageous statements in modern politics. She said about Libya, “We didn’t lose a single person” when in fact the terror attack on the Benghazi, Libya consulate in September 2012 resulted in the highly-publicized deaths of two US Navy SEALs – Tyrone Woods and Glenn Doherty – and two American consular officials. This attack has been the subject of three-and-a-half years of scrutiny and inquiry, yet somehow Hillary claims that nobody died(?!)

This is stunning and this demonstrates precisely why we need a strong Republican president to take command of our foreign policy and our national security policy. Because Benghazi happened under Hillary Clinton’s incompetence as secretary of state. This came after something vastly worse in that her husband ignored terrorism during his presidency, leading to 9/11.

But we are supposed to remember that 9/11 happened under a Republican president. George W. Bush, however, had only taken office 8 months before the attack, and was given virtually no information about terrorism by the outgoing Clinton administration. Bush should have received a library-full of information but Bill Clinton ignored terrorism for eight full years after the first terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center on February 26, 1993. Rather than treat that bombing as an act of terror the Clinton administration treated it simply as a domestic crime.

From that point on, until Clinton left office in January 2001, terrorism was virtually ignored. Repeated alarm bells about a possible terror plot were ignored over and over like suspicious young Muslim males taking flying lessons, being arrested with airliner flight manuals in their possession, overstaying their visas, and getting large amounts of money wired from overseas.

Worse the Clinton administration built the “wall” in 1995 between CIA and FBI, to prohibit them from sharing information about terrorism. If this “wall” had never existed 9/11 never would have happened.

Now Donald Trump is being criticized for his sensible proposal to ban Muslim refugee immigrants coming into the US because these refugee groups have been infiltrated by terrorists, as we know that they have been in Europe. Yet Trump-style vigilance would have prevented Benghazi and 9/11 itself. So would Nikitas3.com-style vigilance.

For many years now Nikitas3.com has been warning that much of the violence and terrorism we are experiencing is a direct result of political negligence and militant political correctness. In other words we can prevent most of this evil behavior by being vigilant and treating terror suspects like they are terror suspects.

For instance, the principal Muslim Boston Marathon bomber had been interviewed in Boston by FBI two years before the 2013 marathon attack after he had been reported by international intel officials to have visited a terror enclave in Russia. He was not even an American citizen at the time and should have been arrested and deported but he was not.

Just look at how much crime is committed by illegal aliens who repeatedly avoid deportation even when immigration officials know exactly who they are, like the Mexican killer of Kathleen Steinle. All of this crime could be avoided by simply enforcing our laws and using common sense.

Now here is another example of preventable evil, about the German pilot who killed 150 people when he intentionally crashed a passenger jet that he was piloting. Foxnews.com reported:

Two weeks before a Germanwings co-pilot intentionally crashed a jet into the French Alps in March 2015, a doctor recommended psychiatric hospitalization but didn’t alert authorities out of fear of breaching Germany’s strict privacy laws, according to a draft of the final report by air-safety investigators. Investigators are expected to recommend that such privacy laws both in Germany and across Europe need to be reassessed by aviation authorities in cases where a “threat to public safety” should trump medical confidentiality. The final report, scheduled to be released Sunday by France’s Bureau d’Enquetes et d’Analyses, is also expected to call for enhanced screening of commercial pilots with previously diagnosed psychiatric problems.

So there you go – this terrible tragedy could have been easily prevented since other people knew that this guy had serious problems. Yet who endlessly promotes these “privacy” laws?

Liberals and socialists do, like Hillary Clinton. And do you know why?

Answer: Because liberals and socialists make up 95% of the crazy and violent population in the world, and thus they are always seeking to protect themselves and each other. Just look at where most of the violence happens in America – in our liberal cities. Just look at where most of the lunatics live – in the cities. Here is more from Foxnews.com about the pilot:

The (report) also includes recommendations to encourage European pilots to voluntarily report mental-health issues, seek psychiatric help and allow them to continue flying while taking antidepressants.

Continue flying while taking anti-depressants? This is why you should avoid Europe on your next vacation. And then look at the next sentence that says:

The measures are meant to address criticism that (pilots) often fear they will be punished if they admit to psychiatric problems…

Well, too bad – they should be punished with loss of their job if they have these problems. Simple. And these pilots should be tested regularly and their personal records accessed. Too bad if the pilots don’t like it, or if liberals don’t like it. The public must be protected.

But not under permissive socialism, no, sir. Everyone has to be made to feel good under socialism. In fact the Democrat left succeeded in closing hundreds of mental hospitals in the US in the late 1970s because they did not like some of the conditions. And those closings have caused decades of problems for our society. Millions of crimes and other bad outcomes like homelessness could have been avoided by holding people with mental problems in dedicated facilities.

Just look at the famous case at Virginia Tech in April 2007 when a crazy student killed 32 people. Many people acquainted with this killer knew that he was insane and had violent thoughts. But they did nothing about him for fear of offending him or “judging” him. And hey, on a college campus today there isn’t much difference between the screwballs and everyone else, including the professors.

In short, the US does not have a problem with crime and violence and terrorism. We have a problem with our failure to deal with them or even to acknowledge them. This started in the 1960s when the ‘hippies’ and their Democrat friends convinced America that we should be nice to criminals and that criminals were really nice people, which is a communist strategy to undermine our social order. Shortly thereafter crime spiked and did not come down until we started to treat crime seriously again.

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