Conservatives Should Boycott National Football League

Look at this from

The (National Football League) came out against a proposed religious exemptions bill (in Georgia) … that would protect opponents of same-sex marriage amid concerns it could lead to discrimination against gay, lesbian and transgender people…. This bill would protect pastors from performing same-sex marriages and give “faith-based” organizations permission to deny use of their business for anything they find “objectionable. Businesses wouldn’t have to hire anyone whose religious beliefs are different from theirs…

Notice that the NFL opposes a bill that “protects opponents of same sex marriage” and “protects pastors”. So if the Georgia bill “protects” these people, then it must be a good bill, right? Isn’t that what our Constitutional freedom is about – “protecting” people who might be discriminated against because of their beliefs?

Of course. Our American liberty is supposed to give us the freedom to decide on our own whom we want to associate with and so this bill is fundamentally good. Yet under the gay agenda we all are forced under law to not only tolerate homosexuality but to accept it.

We conservatives should boycott the National Football League over this issue. Just stop watching professional football. Period. Easy. (I don’t watch it anyway.) We don’t have to organize protests or sign petitions or take one moment out of our day. We should just avoid the NFL on television or in person at the games. Don’t fly their banners or wear their gear. Don’t talk about them. If the NFL wants to get mixed up in politics then it must face the consequences.

Then don’t forget that the same NFL allowed the most hideous, anti-white, racist Super Bowl halftime show in history last February when a black singer praised the Black Panthers in her performance. This was another left-wing NFL setup. And also don’t forget that that 2016 Super Bowl was held in San Francisco, which is a “sanctuary city” where illegal aliens are protected and where an illegal alien murdered Kathleen Steinle in Summer 2015. At the same time the San Francisco 49ers are a team in good standing in the NFL.

Where is the NFL’s alleged conscience over anti-white racism or over the threat to America from unlimited illegal immigration? There is none. But boy, if you want to pass a bill to “protect” Christians who are good American citizens, forget it. That is too much for the NFL.

This Georgia bill and the North Carolina situation described below show how the socialist left is doing everything in its power to undermine the successful conservative states of the Southern US. And rest assured that the NFL is being pressured by the Democrats and the gay lobby. These states are attracting millions of economic migrants from the North because the states are conservative. Now liberals want to make them Democrat so as to take them over and ruin them.

And if you want to know why is opposed to homosexuality, here is the story: My gay cousin died a brutal death from AIDS in 1996. I saw the whole thing happen over 10 years. My cousin lost his great job at a top New York bank, went blind and died at age 39. It was awful, and his gays ‘friends’ who infected him had the most bizarre attitude imaginable, as if they had nothing to do with it. Even my cousin’s wonderful mother died because she was so distraught over his illness.

It is estimated that 700,000 homosexual males have died of AIDS since 1981. This is the equivalent of 75 MILLION people dying of one separate disease, if that disease were spread throughout the whole population instead of being concentrated just among the tiny gay male population (about 1.2% of the US population, or 3 to 4 million people). Now look at this from

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said in a statement Friday he doesn’t want any city workers to travel to North Carolina unless necessary in wake of its legislation which blocks anti-discrimination for gay, lesbian and transgender people. … (Republican) North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signed a bill this week to void a Charlotte ordinance that would’ve provided protections against discrimination in public accommodations.

The Charlotte ordinance is one of those bills that could very well force a Christian pastor to marry a same-sex couple or would allow a male who has changed his sex to a female to use the ladies room at a restaurant. That is why this ordinance should be voided. And congratulations to the Republicans who did so. These bills to “protect” gays are really bills to “coerce” the rest of us to accept the gay/sex-changer lifestyle.

Imagine that your young daughter were in a ladies room at a restaurant in Charlotte and saw a big, hulking sex-changer who was born male but who has changed to a female, with long hair and breasts and a dress and who wants to use the women’s bathroom, i.e., the bathroom of his “changed” sex.

Your daughter would be terrified. Yet this is precisely what liberals want – they want to control us, and they want us “normal” people to be intimidated and scared.

Now imagine that the ‘bathroom law’ goes the other way – that females who change their sex to male (females who look like a male, with short hair) must use the bathroom of their “born” sex (also the women’s bathroom). Don’t you think that young girls would be terrified to see a “man” in the ladies room?

See how this works? Either way, we are supposed to be subservient to the sex-changers. Here’s the third example: How about little boys in the men’s room who might confront males who have changed their sex to female (male looks like a female) but must use the bathroom of their “born” sex (the men’s room)?

Sex changers are deeply unhappy and troubled people. The male Olympic star Bruce Jenner, who changed his sex to a female in a widely-publicized action, has been reported to be deeply depressed about his new life, after he believed that the change would make him happy.

It won’t. It never does. But sex changers and their advocates are now trying to spread sex-changer confusion, division and unhappiness to the society in general with these bathroom rules and other so-called “nondiscrimination” measures. Fortunately for the rest of us the sex changer population is miniscule in number. Still it should never be forced on us.

Gays, lesbians and sex changers have high rates of suicide, early death, disease, alcoholism, drug abuse, mental disorders, depression and domestic abuse, all dutifully covered up in the media. They even have elevated rates of cigarette smoking. Meanwhile those same media report fanatically every day about the alleged dangers of everyday products like sugar and wine.

Then every time that a state adopts measures to protect people like Christians and others who oppose homosexuality and sex changing and their harmful lifestyles, liberals in America react with boycotts, threats and intimidation.

So let us conservatives return the favor by boycotting these pro-sex-changer cities like San Francisco and Charlotte, and also boycotting “sanctuary cities” that protect illegal aliens like San Francisco and Charlotte. Let us also boycott the National Football League. We don’t need to go to these places, or watch these games. We need our freedom more than anything else, and that is infinitely more important.

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