Wilderness is the New “Country Club”

In the 1950s and 1960s the socialist left went on a political tirade against the middle class. One of its targets was the so-called “country club” where people paid membership dues to play golf and tennis, swim at the lake, dine, etc.

Slowly the liberals have shamed many Americans into thinking that country clubs are evil, elitist institutions, and while these clubs still exist they no longer have the wide appeal that they once had.

Now there is a new “country club” in America and it is patronized by a new liberal middle class. With more of these people than ever embracing the radical “green” agenda the new country club is called ‘the wilderness’, which is local, state and federal wilderness land owned by governments and paid for and maintained by all taxpayers.

But then the people who use this wilderness land as their private “country club” pay nothing to join this club or to use it – just their taxes, like everyone else does. Indeed they are typical socialists. They demand that all taxpayers maintain their “country club” while only a small number of them use it.

So here is a question: How many hard-working middle class people do we know who go hiking, backpacking or bird watching in the wilderness?

Answer: Not many. Then the eco-snobs say, “Anyone is welcome to use this unspoiled state/federal land! After all, they paid for it! Isn’t it beautiful!?”

But then the snobs do everything they can to ban any activities that do not fit their template like snowmobiling, ATVs, dirt bikes, hunting, trapping, i.e., activities that include more people outside of the elitist, nature-lover bubble. In other words the wilderness is your usual Democrat institution – the enviro elites get us all to pay for their fun and games while only they use it.

Have you ever noticed how hundreds of millions of acres of federal and state land are completely off limits to logging, mining or oil drilling? But not to backpacking or rock climbing? This is how the socialists have rigged the game. And of course they claim that Americans certainly want these lands “protected” and don’t want the oil companies in the wilderness, or snowmobiles either, or ATVs. Or hunters.

Nonsense. Who says we want all public land “protected” in this way? Nikitas3.com believes that public lands should have three uses to cover activities for all people – for leisure activities like backpacking and camping; for snowmobiling, ATVs, hunting, etc.; and as sources for oil, natural gas, timber and other resources that we all need.

In other words, these public lands should be available for the benefit of ALL of us who pay for them, not just for the elitists who have taken them for their own use.

Look at this sentence about the Paddy Creek Wilderness in Missouri: “Possessing or using a motor vehicle, motorboat, motorized equipment or mechanical transport, including bicycles…” is prohibited.

How about the Allegheny Islands Wilderness in Pennsylvania, which “contains seven islands stretched between Buckaloons and Tionesta along the Allegheny Wild and Scenic River. The islands are popular for dispersed camping, exploration, and viewing scenery and wildlife. They are mostly vegetated with fine riverine forests of sycamore, silver maple, shagbark hickory, and green ash. Dense grasses and other thick vegetation make access limited. There are no developed trails or other facilities on the islands. The mineral rights for both wilderness areas are federally owned and have been withdrawn from all leasing authority.”

Note the bold type inserted for emphasis. So tens of millions of us will never get any benefit from land that we own but will never visit because we don’t go hiking or backpacking or bird watching. But the elites will certainly enjoy it at our expense since they have rigged the game in their favor.

Then the same environmentalists use their massive economic, legal and media power to stop development in rural areas everywhere they can, creating even more untouched “wilderness”. Look at this case in Northern Wisconsin from 2015 reported by greenbaypressgazette.com in Green Bay, Wisconsin:

MADISON — The company looking to open an iron ore mine in northern Wisconsin announced Friday it was closing its office in Hurley (Wis.), saying future investment was “unfeasible at this time,” a move that marks the end for now of the project near Lake Superior that sparked fierce debate and opposition from environmentalists and tribal members near the site. Bill Williams, president of mining company Gogebic Taconite … cited uncertainty over whether the 1,000-foot-deep mine would run into trouble with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which last summer restricted plans for a gold-and-copper mine in Alaska under the Clean Water Act. A spokeswoman for (Wisconsin) Gov. Scott Walker, a vocal supporter of the project, called the decision “unfortunate.” (Gogebic) officials had promised that the first phase of the project would last at least 35 years and generate about $1.4 billion in state and local tax revenue, creating 700 jobs for people in the area and 2,000 ancillary jobs for the region’s service and transportation industries.

So indeed, the new “country club” of wilderness areas is even more exclusive and elitist than country clubs of the 1960s. Working people in places like Northern Wisconsin are told that they must remain poor and jobless so that these wild areas can be used exclusively by the eco-elites from the cities, suburbs and universities. Yet working people can get real jobs working at real country clubs on the golf course, in the restaurant, etc. Or in the mines of Northern Wisconsin.

This eco-obstruction in Wisconsin is all part of a plan by urban-based and university-based environmental groups to undermine rural economies, drive people out of rural America and create permanent “green” zones for the eco-elites to frolick in. With Obama favoring this approach, rural America suffers. This is why we need more conservatives and Republicans in local, state and federal office so that we can insure, as the old folk song says, that “this land is your land, this land is my land…”

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