‘Peaceful’ Liberals Relentlessly Incite Violence

Imagine you come from Planet X and it is the year 1900 and you must choose where to live on earth. Liberals would certainly choose Europe because it is so declaredly socialistic and allegedly pacifist with its strict gun-control laws; while conservatives would choose America which allows the ownership of firearms and has a free-enterprise economy.

Yet if you lived in Europe during the 20th century your chances of being killed in war or tyranny were infinitely greater than in America. More than 100 million Europeans died in war and genocide and hundreds of millions more had their lives destroyed by war and tyranny. The physical infrastructure of the whole continent, and its economy, were ruined twice over in conflict. Meanwhile the US was basically peaceful.

Following World War II the US military defended Europe from Soviet communist aggression while Europeans themselves contributed little. Even when president Ronald Reagan sought to upgrade US-made and paid-for anti-Soviet missile defenses in the 1980s millions of Euros protested in the streets like the pacifist dupes that they were.

Now we have ongoing debates about violence in America. Yet the focus again is on the wrong issue of guns. Yet guns do not kill; evil people kill using guns.

I have not watched network television for decades. I do not go to the movies except very rarely. But the little exposure I have had to both TV and movies shows an incessant drumbeat of violence, particularly using guns. But these TV programs and films are all produced by the same entertainment-industry leftist who agitate relentlessly for the strictest gun control. Expectedly they exercise no gun control whatsoever in the making of their own films and TV shows. Because the Golden Rule says it best: Liberals are always hypocrites.

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Look at three of the most prominent gun crimes in recent history. The Columbine high school killers of 1999 were acting out a Hollywood film called Natural Born Killers. The Virginia Tech murderer of 2007 was obsessed with an ultra-violent film called OldBoy. The perpetrators of the infamous North Hollywood bank shootout of 1997 had in their apartment video player a copy of the film called Heat, which portrayed roughly similar events.

In short, we need not fear guns. We must focus on the people who are using guns for evil purposes, and on the media forces that are stirring violence by acting as dangerous role models. Just look at Big Mr. Liberal Robert DeNiro who has portrayed dark, violent mafia figures over and over again in films (Goodfellas, Casino, etc.)

The amount of guns and violence in the American media today is shocking. Yet the people who make these TV programs and films are virtually all Hollywood leftists who preach to us ad nauseum about how “tolerant” and “peaceful” they are. But apparently the gun control that they demand nationwide does not apply to themselves and to the profits that their programs produce for themselves and for their contributions to the Democrat party.

Consider the Fort Hood terrorist murderer of 2009. US Army officials knew that he was an extremist but did nothing about him for fear of offending his Islamic sensibilities. Cho Seung-Hui, who perpetrated the Virginia Tech massacre, was well known as a nut around the ‘gun free’ campus, but at today’s universities we are not supposed to be “judgmental”. Hui’s English teacher was shocked and concerned over the violent things that he wrote about but did nothing meaningful about him. Hui even left behind an angry manifesto blaming his personal failures on “rich kids”. This comes straight out of the communist playbook, that we should envy and despise people who become successful through their own hard work.

James Holmes, who shot up the Colorado movie theater in 2012, was known as a maniac but none of his acquaintances acted on him. The only person who paid him any serious mind was a gun club owner who was suspicious of Holmes. This came after Holmes had come to one club meeting. The owner had planned to interrogate Holmes the next time he showed up at the club, but Holmes never came a second time. History probably would have been altered if he had.

The local police department had been warned that one of the Columbine killers had posted death threats against a fellow students on the internet. But today’s politically-correct police apparently don’t take that seriously; the warning was never acted on. No, the cops were probably out looking to arrest a Tea Partier handing out copies of the US Constitution.

All the way down the line there are examples of people all over the world acting out violent ideas that they get from the American media. A British banker in Hong Kong has been accused of a 2014 double murder that emulated the 1991 novel American Psycho.

It is far too often media incitement and the ensuing media notoriety that converge maliciously to draw people to evil deeds. Because even when they die in the act, as the Columbine killers did, they know that they will live forever even if it is only in media infamy. Because after all Hollywood might make a movie about them.

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