Environmentalist ‘War on Coal’ Shifts to Oil

Environmentalists and Democrats are waging a vicious war on the burning of coal, seeking to eliminate this crucial resource from our available energy menu. They have thrown tens of thousands of rural Americans out of their jobs in coal mining regions, just as they have done the same to tens of thousands in the logging industry.

These “greenies” also are seeking to stop natural gas production, and now are launching a legal assault on the oil industry. Yet these are the fuels that sustain our economy. Environmentalists want to undermine our economy with low-yield/no-yield solar panels and windmills precisely as they get rich on “green” energy. It is classic socialism.

Two of the leaders in this emerging fight against the oil industry are the Democrat attorneys general from Massachusetts and California. They are going to use government power to take legal action against private oil companies which they accuse of misleading Americans about so-called “climate change”. Except that “climate change” itself is a fake theory promoted by “green” extremists specifically to facilitate legal actions like this.

Fortunately Exxon Mobil is calling this nascent legal effort “laughable”, which is what it is. It is just more gold-digging from the Democrat left.

And like everything else that these militants have claimed (remember the ‘hole in the ozone layer’?) this “climate crisis” is another fabrication on which they now pin every single unusual weather event, i.e., tornados, hurricanes, droughts, floods, heat, cold, etc.

These two attorneys general are classic socialists – unproductive government bureaucrats leading the charge against productive oil companies that are supplying us with our most vital energy resource, a resource that slacker liberals could never even begin to find, extract, refine and distribute even if they had a million years to do it.

That, friends, is par for the course. And don’t believe that this War on Oil is about the environment. This ‘war’ is about taking money from successful companies and distributing that wealth to environmentalists and bureaucrats. It is all about one thing… cold, hard cash. Period. End of sentence.

Another figure involved is New York state attorney general Eric Schneiderman. He should be investigating suspicious Hillary/Bill Clinton financial dealings, but that will never happen since Schneiderman is a Democrat. Or he could be probing Wall Street giants Goldman Sachs and JPMorganChase for their commodities manipulation scheme that once was detailed by none other than the New York Times. But, alas, both firms are run by staunch Democrats and so there is no investigation whatsoever as those firms pour millions directly and indirectly into Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Perhaps these attorneys general could open an investigation into the “Climate-gate” e-mail scandal in which top ‘global warming’ scientists were caught in hacked e-mails discussing ways to fudge the facts and figures that were not working out the way that had been predicted.

How about investigating the direct link between “climate” alarmists worldwide (college professors, media figures, “green” activists, “green” groups like the Natural Resources Defense Council, etc.) and the tens of billions of dollars that they are getting annually in contributions, grants, salaries, taxpayer subsidies, etc. in return for agitating for that unproven theory? On the other hand if climate truth-tellers like Nikitas3.com were getting payoffs from Exxon Mobil it would be a huge story.

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This continuing war on Big Oil is reminiscent of the effort against Big Tobacco, which was accused of concealing the harmful effects of smoking. Yet since the Surgeon General’s critical report about tobacco in 1963 there has been a relentless day-by-day effort for more than five decades now to make the public aware of the bad health effects of smoking – smoking bans everywhere, public service announcements, insurance price biases, stop-smoking programs, warnings on every cigarette pack, etc. But that was not enough, no, the same health fanatics then had to sue the cigarette companies for billions, as if the public somehow did not know that smoking had risks. What a joke…

In short, any product manufactured and/or sold for profit in the United States is now subject to an economic assault from the left. This is one of the reasons that our economy is declining – because the environmentalists and their media and lawyer friends are driving companies away with bottomless media slander, harassment, investigations and lawsuits precisely as the ecologists and their lawyer cronies get rich.
Now look at this from Foxnews.com about the War on Oil:

The articles cite internal documents written by Exxon’s scientists that possibly demonstrated that researchers had concluded as early as the 1980s that fossil fuel emissions were linked to global warming, but actively sought to mislead the public. Jeffers says the articles conveniently left out some truth about the scientists’ conclusions. During a 1989 presentation, Exxon scientist Duane G. Levine told the board of directors that concerns about the “enhanced greenhouse effect” resulting from human activity had been the subject of scientific study for some time. But, Levine had said, any linkage was “deeply imbedded in scientific uncertainty.”

OK, so the documents “possibly demonstrated” that fossil fuels were linked to an alleged ‘warming’ that has in no way been proven to even exist. This sentence shows how anemic the evidence is that these climate alarmists are banking on. And “scientific uncertainty” is an understatement, to be sure. It really is scientific fraud, as proven by the Climate-gate e-mails and dozens of other damning realities, including the fact that the original name of the crisis – ‘global warming’ – was declared ‘settled science’ but since has been abandoned in favor of a catchall phrase like “climate change” after ‘warming’ was publicly debunked.

Now consider another aspect of the “climate” frenzy – that sea levels are allegedly rising, which is mentioned over and over in the alarmists’ propaganda.

But sea levels are not rising; there has been no measurable increase anywhere. If there were rising seas it would be in the news every day with inch-by-inch coverage. No, the environmentalists are substituting in the public mind “rising sea levels” with the ‘green’ projections that sea levels are theoretically supposed to rise at some nebulous point in the future.

And if sea levels were actually rising the global media would be reporting hysterically on sinking coastal cities all around the globe, but they are not doing so. Because there are no sinking cities. Then again we would have seen submerged cities during the 400 YEARS of natural ‘global warming’ during the Medieval Warm Period (900 AD to 1300 AD) when the earth was much hotter than today but long before the burning of coal and oil on which the militants blame ‘warming’. But there is no record of submerged coastal cities in that era, or in the even longer 650 years of the Roman Warm Period

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