Democrat Governor Gets 200,000 Felons Voting

Democrat governor Terry McAuliffe in Virginia is helping convicted felons in his state to get their voting rights back.

More than 6 million Americans cannot vote because they are convicted felons. Democrats have been working for decades to get “felon rights” since convicted felons would vote overwhelmingly Democrat.

This happens since most of the felons were Democrats, or grew up in Democrat cultures, before they got convicted. A high percentage of them are poor and black. It is in their Democrat nature to be criminals, and it is in the nature of criminals to vote Democrat. This is demonstrated when liberals in America always seek to bar the Ten Commandments from public view since Democrats routinely violate every Commandment (they lie, they steal, they commit adultery, they murder, etc.). This is why our Democrat-controlled cities have most of the crime and corruption. At the same time we conservatives abide by the Commandments.

McAuliffe issued an executive order allowing 200,000 convicted Virginia felons to vote after they have served their sentences. This will help in delivering Virginia’s electoral votes to McAuliffe’s crony Hillary Clinton in November. McAuliffe is a longtime Clinton operative.

McAuliffe thinks that the severity of the crime does not matter; he is giving rights to convicted murderers, rapists and child molesters who will be crucial Democrat voters. This is part of Obama’s plan to put the lowest among us on equal footing with the best, most honest and most productive among us. This is socialism/communism in a nutshell.

This is no surprise for McAuliffe who has been suspected of personally profiting up to $18 million in the collapse of a company called Global Crossing. Tens of thousands of GC employees lost everything, and billions of dollars disappeared in the company’s demise, while McAuliffe made out like a bandit. Obviously something is very wrong.

McAuliffe has never been prosecuted, but we know this story all too well. This happens since the Leftist Media routinely decline to expose crooked Democrats or pursue stories about them, while zealous and politicized prosecutors are virtually all on the Democrat left. Thus there are millions of blatantly crooked Democrats all over America who are never held to account.

The most prominent Democrat family in my hometown in Massachusetts is Italian mafia and everyone knows it. I have heard terrifying stories about this family that I know to be true, but this family is never openly criticized. Another Democrat in my town is said to have killed his father. I would not be surprised; I grew up with the guy. Another top Democrat in my town was involved in some type of gay sex assault. And on and on.

Then again, some Democrats just can’t evade prosecution since their crimes are so obvious. Three Democrat speakers of the Massachusetts House of Representatives in recent years have been convicted of corruption. Then there is Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick. The list goes on and on.

Meanwhile decent, innocent, law-abiding Republicans like US congressman Tom DeLay of Texas, governor Rick Perry of Texas, US senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, or state senate leader Joe Bruno of New York, or business leaders like CEO Maurice “Hank” Goldberg of the insurance giant AIG, are harassed and sometimes punished legally by pathological Democrat prosecutors with a political vendetta and lots of government power to back them up.

Or perhaps you recall that Reagan defense secretary Caspar Weinberger, one of the finest public servants in our nation’s history, was indicted just days before the 1992 presidential election but that the charges were bogus and eventually dropped after the election. But those charges were one issue that helped to elect Democrat Bill Clinton.

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We are being led to believe that the Virginia felon-to-voter program is just part of Democrat “fairness” and a long-overdue expansion of “human rights”. Democrats all over are praising McAuliffe.

Nonsense. Democrats would not touch this issue if they were not getting a huge political payday out of it. And to illustrate Democrats’ phony concern over voting rights, consider the notorious Florida Recount in November 2000 when Democrat Al Gore and Republican George W. Bush were locked in a neck-and-neck vote count in Florida to determine the presidency. Bush finally won fair and square after many recounts. But Gore’s operative did everything in their power to disqualify on the slightest technicalities military ballots coming from overseas since most of those ballots would be for Bush.

Thus we see the Democrat party fighting every day to enfranchise bad people and to disenfranchise good people. Then we all know that Obama used the Internal Revenue Service to disenfranchise honest, hard-working, taxpaying Tea Party voters in 2012, giving that election to Obama in yet another stolen contest.

The most egregious election fraud in US history was the 1960 presidential election which was stolen for Democrat John F. Kennedy by his wealthy father, who used his friends in the Chicago mafia to rig the votes in that city. Meanwhile Democrats have won five crucial elections in the last 14 years under highly suspicious circumstances – the 2002 US Senate election in South Dakota; the 2004 gubernatorial election in Washington state; the 2008 US Senate elections in Alaska and Minnesota; and the 2010 gubernatorial election in Connecticut.

Democrats even use underhanded campaign tactics that are legal. For instance, in a special US Congress election in western New York state in 2011 a rich liberal Democrat spent lots of his own money running as an independent candidate and a conservative Tea Partier. He drew more than enough votes away from the Republican such that the Democrat candidate won the election in a traditionally Republican district.

Friends, the Democrat party is the home of every type of election fraud – dead voters, illegal alien voters, no ID required, illegal voters, ‘found’ ballots, suspicious ballots, missing ballots, payoffs, bought votes, poll irregularities, etc. In 2012 a Democrat running for the US Congress in Maryland named Wendy Rosen even had to withdraw when it was discovered that she was registered to vote in both Florida and Maryland.

And who could forget Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign getting big contributions traced to communist Chinese sources. Some people went to jail in that case while others fled the country, but Bill Clinton and his inner circle were never implicated. As expected.

Democrats should be ashamed and embarrassed of their party but never are. Because in the final analysis every Democrat in America is part of the scam, but then they act like they know nothing about it when in fact they know everything.

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