‘Green’ Terrorism in Canada?/ Environmentalists Trash Mt. Everest

A huge forest fire has consumed parts of the city of Fort McMurray in the province of Alberta, Canada. The remote, heavily-forested region has been very dry and the trees are flammable pines.

Fort McMurray is a relatively new “boom town” and it is a disturbing coincidence that out of 3.8 million square miles of Canada that a fire like this should break out right at Fort McMurray (population 65,000) since Fort McMurray is the population center for workers in the Canadian oil sands industry, which environmentalists despise.

Nikitas3.com believes that the fire is the work of ‘green’ arsonists trying to shut down the oil sands industry and punish oil sands workers. After all these ‘greenies’ believe that oil is killing the whole planet and thus some of them would not hesitate to burn down a whole city in order “to save the rest of the world” – in their twisted view, that is. Now here is today’s main commentary:

Mt. Everest Trash Exposes ‘Green’ Hypocrisy

We all know these “green” goons who throw tantrums over every candy wrapper on the side of the road, who lecture us about every ounce of fuel that we use, etc. But if you venture into their world you see the most egregious forms of pollution.

Take Mt. Everest, the world’s highest peak. Over the last 60 years tens of thousands of people have flocked there to climb. An estimated 3,000 amateur climbers have reached the summit in expeditions in which they pay a professional guide a lot of money ($25,000 or more) to take them to Everest and hopefully to the summit (not all succeed). There also are independent groups of mountaineers who seek to reach the summit on their own.

There are days in May – the best month for climbing Everest – when dozens of climbers are lined up seeking to get to the summit. And we know that 99% of these climbers and their guides are “green” environmentalist types. Yet these climbers are rapidly destroying the environment around Everest, and around other famous mountains all around the globe. Here’s how:

*First, it takes a huge amount of energy to fly a person halfway around the world to the nation of Nepal where Everest is located, and then to get them and their gear up the mountain. They fly 23,000 miles round trip from the US. Driving that distance in a car that gets 23 miles to the gallon would consume 1,000 gallons of fuel. Gee, isn’t this contributing unnecessarily to excessive energy consumption and alleged “global warming” by the “greens” themselves?

Of course. But remember the Golden Rule: Environmentalists use more discretionary energy than anyone else in the world, and then they point fingers at everyone else for using too much necessary energy, like driving our cars 5 miles to work.

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*There are reported to be 200 dead bodies on Everest, climbers who have died trying to get to the summit. You can see videos on YouTube of climbers who have been dead for years or decades, still wrapped in their non-biodegradable nylon parkas and pants. It is downright creepy. Do these “green” climbers care?

Are you kidding? Because if they really cared they would leave Everest alone, and stop polluting it. They would treat it like the precious wildlife refuges that they establish everywhere and want us all banned from.

But no, they have been climbing right past these dead bodies for decades. And they won’t bring the bodies down because they are too busy trying to get to the summit so that they can go back and tell all of their friends about their great accomplishment. It is pure narcissism.

*It has been estimated that there are 50 tons of garbage on the climbing routes to the Everest summit and around the major camp spots for the expeditions. This trash includes discarded sleeping bags, tents, water bottles, food packages, tarps, ropes, ladders, plastic helmets, parkas, goggles, boots, metal oxygen bottles, gloves, camp stoves, etc. Do the climbers care?

No. They just walk past the garbage since they think that they are too important to clean it up. They are out to claim glory for themselves by reaching the summit.

This sounds like the Woodstock music concert of 1969 which the ‘hippies’ proclaimed to be a giant success but where they left behind a massive pile of trash that took a week to clean up. After all the ‘hippies’ considered themselves far too important to clean up after themselves. See the pattern? It goes from generation to generation. It’s all the same people on different parts of the political left (‘greenies’, ‘hippies’, etc.)

Then these same environmentalists sponsor these Clean Up the River! days all over America when they collect trash from the rivers, which is done for public relations purposes. Yet when they themselves put the garbage there, like they do on Everest, they do nothing about it because they would have to bear the blame – and the shame – for putting it there.

Friends, the trashing of Mount Everest is just one small slice of the vast hypocrisy of these environmentalists. On the other hand if you want to cut down a tree on your own property these same people often have established “green” laws against it. Or they sit on these conservation commissions in every town dictating every fence line and drainage ditch that you can have on your property.

And it is not just on Everest that this degradation is happening. These people are all over the wilderness. These wilderness areas would have no human visitors if it weren’t for the ‘green’ snobs who drive or fly hundreds or thousands of miles to visit these remote places, burning up the world’s fuel and polluting our common air for their private pleasure. Then they brazenly seek to keep out of the wilderness anyone whom they don’t like (snowmobilers, hunters, oil companies, mining companies, ATVs, dirt bikes, etc.) or they lecture us about ‘global warming’. What fakers.

Indeed these “greens” travel more discretionary miles than anyone else. Just look at how they fly and drive all over the US and the world constantly to go backpacking in Alaska or bird-watching in Ecuador or kayaking in Vermont, or to a thousand other destinations, even to attend their fake “climate change” conferences. Why don’t they just stay home in order to “save the planet”?

You know the answer to that one. Here are a three other ways that environmentalists ruin the environment:

*They have obstructed nuclear power for decades and so the US has to burn more than 1 billion tons of coal every single year in coal-fired power plants. With nuclear, we would not have to mine, transport and burn all that coal, which is a massively inefficient and polluting process compared to nuclear.

By the way, the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan has caused zero deaths. Environmentalists then conveniently ignore the fact that the earthquake and tsunami that destabilized the nuclear plant were natural occurrences that killed 18,000 people and did $300 billion in damage. Meanwhile environmentalists claim that nuclear power is dangerous and that nature is benign. This is the total opposite of the truth. Nature is the most brutal killer of all. It is only man’s intelligence, and the use of energy and resources, that have spared man from the tyranny of nature that dominated life for thousands of years.

*Environmentalists support mass transit systems like Amtrak which are grossly fuel-inefficient. Don’t ever believe their narrative that Amtrak is an energy saver. Trains are very heavy and use a lot of fuel per passenger. That is why so few trains anywhere in the world can make money moving passengers, and instead rely on government subsidies. Meanwhile buses can weigh one-fifth as much per passenger as trains and make profits all over the world, including in the US. Jetliners can weigh one-tenth as much per passenger as trains.

*Environmentalists advocate windmills that have killed hundreds of endangered eagles in just one single place in California. But if an oil company kills one eagle there is media armageddon. Windmills are killing millions of birds every year nationwide, yet windmills account for far less than 1% of our electrical generation capacity. Meanwhile windmills utterly ruin the natural landscape, like our mountaintops.

France now has 5,000 windmills nationwide, some of them spinning their ugly wings in plain sight of historic cathedrals and towns. This is the most blatant type of disregard for the environment.

If you would like to read a commentary from Nikitas3.com called 27 Ways that Environmentalists Destroy the Environment, it is here. It points out the ways that “green” behavior itself ruins the environment worse than anything else, and how it is never reported by the Leftist Media. And why we conservatives and our ideas are much better for the environment.

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