Economy Weakens Again in April

The weak economic numbers for April, with only 160,000 jobs created, represent yet another warning sign to Americans that significant change is needed in Washington.

But like a good leftist Obama blamed the terrible economy on – get this – rich people not paying their taxes! This comes after the Top 1% of earners have been paying a huge percentage of the taxes while tens of millions of Obama’s welfare sponges pay nothing and collect everything.

Obama’s blame-game is another classic Alinsky misdirection tactic just like Obama has been blaming Bush for the bad economy for the seven years since the “recession” (it’s really the Obama Depression) officially ended in June 2009.

Friends, socialist policies always harm the economy. It is a fact. Look it up. Look at these communist nations that have fallen into destitution and tyranny from policies that are supposed to “care about everyone”. Venezuela is the latest example, a nation with some of the biggest oil reserves in the world that cannot keep the lights on after 18 years of hard-left socialism. Stunning, but expected.

Here are some excerpts from the economic report about April from with a comment after each: reports: Companies scaled back hiring in April, adding just 160,000 new jobs, in a sign the U.S. economy still hasn’t recovered from an early-year chill. comment: It isn’t an “early-year chill” that is ailing the economy. It is long-term policies put in place by Obama that are thwarting, and have thwarted jobs by the millions, and that have kept the economy depressed – just like Obama wants it. reports: The unemployment rate, meanwhile, was flat at 5%. comment: No, it isn’t 5%. That is just the cooked number put out by the federal government. The real rate is 10% and much higher in many places if you count all the unemployed people. Added to the dreadful .5% growth rate in the first quarter – practically recession levels – this picture is increasingly grim, just as we conservatives warned it would be under Obama policies.

(Advertise on! Contact me through the Contact Me button above. Thanks) reports: Perhaps a bigger threat is declining corporate profits. Companies are getting squeezed and they could be looking to stabilize their labor costs by cutting back on hiring. comment: No surprise. One of the main reasons for this “squeeze” is America’s astronomical corporate tax rate of 35%, the highest in the world. This 35% is precisely what Democrats want, while Obama rails about corporations and rich people as his own policies kill jobs and drive corporations overseas. reports: In April… retailers cut 3,000 jobs to mark the first drop since the end of 2014. The mining sector, hurt by cheap oil prices, eliminated another 8,000 jobs to bring total cuts to nearly 200,000 in the past few years. comment: These are huge losses in mining, one of the fundamental wealth creators in our economy. This comes largely from Obama’s War on Coal and his war on everything else that creates jobs and wealth. Now here is a second editorial:

Will Coal Topple Hillary?

For decades now we have heard Democrats and environmentalists rail against coal, saying that coal is a “dirty” fuel that must be eliminated from our energy menu. And they have been waging a War on Coal that has put tens of thousands of white, rural coal miners out of work in the last few decades.

But will coal come back to haunt Hillary Clinton? believes that the answer is Yes. How? Well, consider that the crucial electoral state of Pennsylvania has a large population of unemployed coal miners as a result of Democrat policies.

Now consider that Pennsylvania went for Obama in both 2008 and 2012. This happened because the War on Coal was not yet in full swing and out in the open. Coal-fired power plants were not being shut down by the EPA as they have been in the last few years, and coal miners were still often sticking with the union-friendly Democrats out of sheer ignorance.

But now coal miners in Pennsylvania are seeing that Democrats are out to destroy their industry, and thus many of them have flipped to Trump. This could flip Pennsylvania to Trump. This all is reflected in Trump’s huge popularity in the coal-mining state of West Virginia which once was a very Democrat, union-strong state and which is now suffering under Obama and his ‘green’ cronies.

This coincides with millions of white working-class people flipping to Trump and flipping to Republican and conservative candidates over the last few election cycles after many years in which those people actually thought that Democrats cared about them.

In 2012 I was talking to a liberal and I said that I believed that Romney would help the economy with good policies and the liberal asked, “What’s Romney going to do?!” as if to say that there is nothing that can be done about our economy, that we have to suffer with ongoing decline.

This is called “the new normal” in which Americans expect that our economy will never produce jobs again, that policies don’t matter, that our nation is doomed.

This is how socialism dominates and controls the voters – by beating them down and making them forget about ever looking up, and then putting them on welfare so that their lives are effectively over. This is how hundreds of thousands of people in coal country think about their prospects. Rural coal-mining areas are emptying out because the people see no future.

So what should we do about coal?

First, we should stop making a bogeyman out of coal. Man has burned coal for centuries and it has produced tremendous economic good for the world.

Second, we should stop shutting down coal-fired power plants in order to keep miners employed in rural regions.

Third, we should build conversion plants near the mines that convert coal into gasoline, heating oil and other products. This not only will help the rural economies but will help to further reduce US reliance on foreign oil, which is going to be a significant issue for Trump.

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