Abusive TSA Airport Security System Must be Privatized

The behavior of the federal Transportation Security Administration is a disgrace. This agency must be privatized. It is grossly inefficient and is failing in its job. The abuse that American travelers have been taking from TSA since 9/11 is unacceptable. These TSA officers then hide behind their federal badges to do things that ordinary police would be fired for or prosecuted for.

Here are excerpts from the shocking story about Hannah Cohen and the abuse that she suffered at the hands of TSA agents. Cohen was certainly singled out because she is white, just like white military veterans and little old white ladies get extra scrutiny at airports because of official government prejudice. These excerpts come from Theguardian.com (The Guardian newspaper in Britain). Each excerpt is followed by a Nikitas3.com comment:

Theguardian.com reports: A disabled teenage cancer patient was injured during a violent arrest by security agents at Memphis international airport, her family has alleged in a lawsuit filed against the Transport Security Administration. Hannah Cohen, 18, at the time of her arrest on 30 June 2015, and her mother had been on their way home to Chattanooga from St Jude’s hospital in Memphis, where Hannah underwent her final treatment for a brain tumor. Hannah and her mother, Shirley, told the Guardian that the pair had made the trip hundreds of times, and knew the airport security routine well. Shirley would usually go through the scanner first and wait for Hannah on the other side, since Hannah’s tumor, and numerous surgeries and treatments since she was two years old, had left her easily confused and frightened in unfamiliar situations.

Nikitas3.com comment: This is typical of how brutal thugs, working for the federal government, would treat an innocent white person, particularly when she is defenseless. There is clearly something mentally wrong with many of these TSA agents. And just as bad, they are incompetent. Here’s proof:

Dailymail.co.uk (the Daily Mail newspaper in Britain) reported on June 1, 2015: “An internal investigation by the Transportation Security Administration found that 95 per cent of those testing airport checkpoints were able to bring weapons through the system. Members of Department of Homeland Security Red teams were able to bring dozens of banned weapons and mock explosives past TSA agents, who failed 67 out of 70 tests. Undercover officials posed as passengers with different kinds of weapons, and repeatedly beat the measures aimed at keeping real flyers safe during trials that recently ended.”

And why did all of these mock weapons get through? It is because TSA is too busy throwing disabled white teenage girls to the ground and treating them like terrorists at the same time that real terrorists could waltz onto our airplanes 95% of the time. This is all part of Obama’s America where the government is operated for political ends and the public interest is ignored. If this were a small-town police officer and he treated a black girl this way, it would be a national story.

Theguardian.com reports: According to the complaint, the warning alarm was triggered when Hannah passed through the body scanners. Hannah attributed the alarm to her shirt’s design. “My shirt – it had sequins,” Hannah told the Guardian, laboring to speak. … Agents told Hannah they needed to take her to a “sterile area” where they could search her further. She was afraid, (Hannah’s mother) said, and offered to take off the sequined shirt as she was wearing another underneath, but a female agent laughed at her. Seeing the scene begin to unfold, Shirley hobbled to a supervisor standing nearby. “She is a St Jude’s patient, and she can get confused,” she said. “Please be gentle. If I could just help her, it will make things easier.” But soon, a voice on the public address system requested more agents to report to the checkpoint, Shirley said. “That’s when the armed guards came.” Nikitas3.com comment: This is how a failing, angry government bureaucracy works. They have a pack mentality. They get an innocent victim and attack her in a group, like animals do. This is why the TSA has to be privatized. If this were a Muslim girl this would never have happened. It always seems to happen to white people.

Theguardian.com reports: The brain tumor had left Hannah blind in one eye, deaf in one ear and partially paralyzed, so when the guards grabbed each of her arms, it startled her, she said. “I tried to push away,” she said. “I tried to get away.” The guards slammed Hannah to the ground, her mother said, smashing her face into the floor, which the complaint alleges left her “physically and emotionally” injured. (Hannah’s mother) had just picked up her phone from the conveyor belt, and she snapped a photo of Hannah on the floor: handcuffed, weeping and bleeding. “Another guard pushed me back 20ft, in my boot, and told me I couldn’t be nearby,” said Shirley, a professor of nursing at a university in Chattanooga. “I felt so helpless. I sat down on a bench facing away so I couldn’t see what they were doing to my daughter.” Nikitas3.com comment: This is Obama’s America. This is Obama’s federal police force as he lectures us all about “tolerance” for Muslims and sex changers and every other group that Democrats favor.

Theguardian.com reports: The lawsuit alleges that the TSA did not give Hannah adequate accommodation to screen her, and discriminated against her because of her disability. It names the TSA and the Memphis-Shelby County airport authority and seeks damages that include medical expenses and for personal injury, both physical and emotional. It calls for a “reasonable sum not exceeding $100,000 and costs”, and an undisclosed punitive amount. Nikitas3.com comment: Where are all the disabilities activists who want every store and restaurant in the nation to have a wheelchair ramp? Typically they have not been heard from since the federal government is their ally in their crusade to control every behavior. And thus when the federal government itself abuses disabled people, they keep quiet. If this had been an incident in a private restaurant, for instance, the disabilities activists would be all over this case.

Theguardian.com reports: Hannah disappeared behind a door, then went to a hospital, and finally to the Shelby County jail. After 24 hours apart, the mother and daughter were reunited in the parking lot of the jail. Nikitas3.com comment: Imagine that. They took the poor girl to jail. This is Obama’s America, where this disabled girl is treated like a criminal but actual terrorists are interviewed by FBI and let go, as in the case of the Boston Marathon bomber. Donald Trump should propose to privatize TSA. This entire TSA should be fired, just like Ronald Reagan fired the air-traffic controllers.

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