Obama Sabotages US in the Middle East

Barack Obama recently announced that he will maintain 8,400 US troops in Afghanistan rather than pulling out all troops as he had said he was going to do

And thus once again we can see clearly that Obama’s strategy in the Middle East is sabotaging America’s interests in the region. It is an intentional strategy to weaken America, drain our military budget, and sap our military strength and morale, casualty by casualty.

On the other hand Obama pulled all US troops out of Iraq in December 2011 against the recommendations of top military advisers and common sense. The result has been predictable – Iraq has fallen into chaos, ISIS has risen up out of the ruins of Iraq, and our US investment in Iraqi freedom – with 4,424 dead, 31,952 injured and $1.7 trillion spent – is in danger of being totally lost.

Obama should have left a force of 30,000 US troops in Iraq in order to maintain stability, but he did not want stability. He wants the chaos that Iraq is now experiencing since Obama’s every policy has been pro-Muslim and anti-US.

Anti-war activists have been claiming since the invasion of Iraq in March 2003 that president George W. Bush “destabilized” Iraq by invading it.

This is not true. Bush sent in US troops because he had faulty intelligence that Iraq was producing weapons of mass destruction. He also was reacting to decades of aggression by dictator Saddam Hussein in instigating wars against neighboring nations, and in committing genocide against the Kurds and the Shia Muslims inside Iraq. Bush was honorable in his intentions, and after years of conflict Iraq had attained some political stability by the time Bush left office in January 2009.

The destruction of Iraq, along with the losses of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives, has been driven by Muslim terror groups including al qaeda and ISIS, a fact which the peace activists totally ignore in order to blame Bush. If these two terror groups had not sought to destroy Iraq it would be a stable, self-governing and relatively prosperous nation today.

Christians actually lived peacefully in Iraq under Saddam Hussein’s rule compared to today when more than 70% of the Christian population, or more than 1 million Christians, has been displaced or exiled under the violence of the Islamic terrorists. Christians also lived peacefully under Assad in Syria, but that too has been disrupted by the terrorists.

On the other hand we have never had any military interest or any sense of victory in Afghanistan, but we are continuing to spend more than $70 billion annually there, and we can never win that war anyway. Afghanistan is an impoverished, lawless wilderness. It even defeated Alexander the Great who famously said “May God keep you away from the venom of the cobra, the teeth of the tiger, and the revenge of the Afghans.” Russia, Persia and Britain all were foiled in this brutal, backward empire.

Obama is keeping our troops there in order to undermine our morale by allowing our military to twist in the wind, and to be injured and die in that awful nation. He should have pulled US troops totally out of Afghanistan, not Iraq. He made the policy 180 degrees wrong. Intentionally.

Then it is important to remember why we even are in Afghanistan:

After 9/11 Osama bin Laden was reputed to be living at a compound near the airport in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He was reported to be there with some of his wives and children.

President George W. Bush could have obliterated them all with air strikes, and the problem would have been solved immediately. But Bush declined to strike because of the women and children; he did not want to be responsible for killing them since the global media would have pilloried him for it. Bill Clinton declined to act against bin Laden for the same reason.

And so instead the US invaded Afghanistan in October 2001 in order to get bin Laden, and has occupied it since with the expenditure of more than $1 trillion, most of it under Obama. We also have experienced the loss of 2,326 US military lives and 20,083 wounded, the majority of both under Obama.

This, friends, is how political correctness can destroy entire nations.

Thus it is plain that every Obama Middle East policy has been pro-Muslim and anti-US. This is why Obama and secretary of state Hillary Clinton cheered on the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ uprising of 2011 – because it overthrew governments in Egypt and Libya that were keeping radical Muslims at bay.

These Muslim terrorists have now disrupted Libya, Iraq and Syria, driving more than 1 million Muslim refugees into Turkey, Europe and the US. And no surprise, Turkey has suffered three major terror attacks in the last year, during the same period when Syrian refugees have flooded into the nation.

Rest assured that Obama secretly favors this flow of refugees, even into the US. He wants the US and Europe destabilized and Islamicized, under the guise of “compassion”. All of his socialist/communist allies the world over want this outcome too, in order to instigate chaos and undermine the Western powers that represent peace, prosperity and freedom.

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