Here’s Why Sanders Supporters Will or Should Vote for Trump

Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton. But we know that millions of Sanders voters and potential Sanders voters are never going to vote for Hillary, and that some of them even will vote for Donald Trump since Trump is actually more in accord with their thinking than Hillary Clinton is. Here is a list of issues on which Sanders supporters will or should vote for Trump:

*The economy: Bernie Sanders’ brand of socialism focuses on economic equality issues. Yet American wages and living standards have sunk in the static Obama economy and from millions of illegal immigrants flooding the US labor market and holding wages down by working for less money.

Trump wants to use his personal business acumen to discipline federal spending and direct the economy to growth, and he also wants to stop illegal immigration. So Sanders supporters should favor Trump. Hillary Clinton will simply continue Obama’s statist policies.

*International trade: Socialists like Sanders have been angry about free trade for decades. They oppose free-trade pacts like NAFTA and say that the system is rigged against the US by low-wage nations that are stealing our jobs. Yet it is Trump who has been calling for significant reforms of the international trading system, like calling out China for its currency manipulations.

Trump also has criticized American companies like Ford that move plants out of the US for cheaper labor. Trump says that he will slap tariffs on these companies when they seek to sell back into the US market with products made by workers in places like Mexico. This proposal is made to order for Sanders and his followers.

*Terrorism: We are having repeated attacks here in the US under Obama, and the Middle East has disintegrated. Hillary will continue with the same lax policies. Trump will crack down hard on terrorism, particularly here at home. Even many people on the Democrat left favor a crackdown since they want to live in a safe environment too.

*Social Security and Medicare: These systems are going broke quickly under Obama. Trump will reform both in order to save them for the long run. So it appears that Sanders and his supporters should vote for Trump to preserve these two systems that are pillars of liberal socialism.

*Education: Hillary is a shill for the terrible public education system and its militant teacher unions. Every anti-poverty leader in the US should be up in arms about this system which has failed tens of millions of Americans, particularly minorities. Trump will promote reforms in the public schools, along with school vouchers and charter schools, home schooling, and access to private and parochial schools for all.

*Gay rights: Trump already is a gay rights supporter since he comes from New York City. Trump also wants to crack down hard on terrorists. Therefore Trump is in tune with the gays who were targeted in Orlando. Many gays switched to Trump after Orlando. They see Obama/Clinton as failing them on terrorism, as evidenced in Orlando and in the rabidly anti-gay mindset of Islam. So why would gays support pro-Muslim Hillary? Good question. Many of them will not.

*Money in politics: Big banks and corporations, Wall Street and super-wealthy individuals have made huge donations to the Clintons, either directly or indirectly. Bernie Sanders, however, is on the far-left and has charged for decades that politicians are too often bought and paid for by the banks, corporations, rich people, etc. and should therefore be opposed.

Donald Trump has his own wealth and has not taken these huge contributions. This is a big reason for Sanders supporters to vote Trump.

*Millions of college students who support Sanders should vote for the candidate – Donald Trump – who will actually create the jobs that they need.

*Energy: Trump will promote energy independence which will bring prices down and help our economy. Hillary is promoting windmills and solar panels which are grossly inefficient, expensive and ineffective, and will continue to hinder and even undermine our economy. All Democrats and socialists who say that they want more economic opportunity for Americans should oppose “green” energy if they wish to have a strong economic future for all. Trump also favors the Keystone pipeline which will create tens of thousands of jobs in its construction and will help to insure future energy supplies.

*Infrastructure: Obama spent $800 billion on the 2009 “stimulus” package, yet very little infrastructure like roads and bridges was repaired. Most of the money was stolen by Obama’s cronies and has never been traced. Trump will manage the government like a business, spending carefully to give us the most return for our tax dollars for everything, including for infrastructure whose improvement will benefit all Americans equally.

*US military veterans: Our veterans have been badly mistreated under Obama. The VA scandal is a disgrace. Trump will make sure that veterans are cared for and recently outlined a plan for that. These veterans include whites, hispanics and every other group. Anyone who has a veteran in the family, including Sanders supporters, should vote for Trump.

*The US military: Trump will rebuild our military which has benefitted all of us for more than 200 years by keeping America free. The US military also has acted as a conduit to give tens of millions of Americans, including minorities, an entry into service, training and employment when other options have been limited. This should appeal to leftists and liberals who say that they want Americans to have every opportunity for advancement.

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