VP Nominee Tim Kaine Exposes Democrat Immigration Plan

It didn’t take long for vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine to show us who he really is and who the Democrats are. Look at this from Washingtontimes.com (the Washington Times newspaper):

PHILADELPHIA — A new Clinton administration would pursue a bill to legalize illegal immigrants in “the first 100 days” of her tenure, vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine told Spanish-language network Telemundo in an interview Monday, presenting a deep contrast with Republicans.

And thus it is obvious that Kaine is an open-borders activist, as all Democrats are. He was speaking in Spanish at the time, which he wants us all to do, and is showing us precisely what a Hillary Clinton administration would do. This will send Trump’s poll numbers up another few points, rest assured.

The fact is that most illegal immigrants are living without any fear in the US, despite liberal claims. Few are being deported or arrested. Most are being released by Obama, including tens of thousands of criminals.

But the bigger question is: Why do all of these non-white illegals from all over the world continue to flood into the US if we are such a terrible, racist nation?

Answer: Because a bad day in America is better than a good day anywhere else.

In fact we are a great nation that has been undermined by Obama’s third-world mindset. Obama is pursuing policies that make millions of Americans, particularly his own constituencies, into third-world citizens.

The reason that we conservatives want to halt illegal immigration is simple: Our economy no longer has jobs for the increasing flood of immigrants. Millions are coming here and living off of the taxpayers. We have 50 million poor people in the US already. Why are we allowing in more? Illegals are keeping wages down, and making huge demands for housing, education and medical care for which they are paying zero.

This is all part of the liberals’ plan to undermine our nation and give power to the Democrats through government handouts to people without jobs. Yet millions of these people can stay in their home countries without jobs. Instead they are coming here and making growing demands on our hard-working taxpayers. It is unsustainable.

Our borders need to be sealed. We need a wall. In addition, we need to enforce our immigration laws covering hundreds of thousands of illegals who come in another way – on legal visas which they overstay.

If we had simply enforced existing immigration laws the 9/11 attacks would never have happened since all of the September 11 hijackers came on legal visas to the US in the 1990s when Bill Clinton was president. Since our immigration laws were not being enforced, some of these hijackers were able to overstay their visas and plot 9/11 over several years without interference. If just one of them had been detained or questioned or deported, the whole plot certainly would have fallen apart.

This, friends, is the price we pay for open borders. And Tim Kaine wants more of it. Much more.

Of course the same Democrats who have obliterated our immigration laws then have said that America was to blame for 9/11, wondering “Why do Muslims hate us?”

The real question should be: “Why are Muslims coming here in such large numbers if they hate us so much?”

And the answer is simple: The societies of Europe and the United States, founded on conservative Christian principles by smart white people, have developed into the most desirable places on earth. Every technology that keeps the world’s people out of misery today like electricity, computers, the internal combustion engine, modern agricultural practices, modern medicine, and dozens more, comes from centuries of scientific advancement in Europe and the US.

Now everyone wants a part of it. The world’s people are weary of third-world oppression and backwardness in places like Mexico, Africa and the Middle East. And the Democrats are opening the door for them to come here.

At the same time, these same Democrats are doing everything in their power to enforce immigration laws concerning white Europeans who come here with high levels of skills and education. Democrats have been intentionally keeping immigration numbers low for skilled and educated people from all over the world, while allowing poor, unskilled, uneducated illegals to flood into the US.

The Romeike family is typical of how Obama works. The Obama administration sought to have this well-educated white family from Germany (2 adults, 5 children) deported back to Germany. The Romeikes, who are strongly Christian, were harassed by the German government for wanting to home-school their own children. The government threatened to take away their children and so they have taken asylum in the US.

The Romeikes, who have won the right to stay here, are the types of immigrants whom the Democrats do not want. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are in US prisons or have been set free by a Democrat legal system that has been coddling the worst among us for decades.

Tim Kaine is part of this problem. He is a former governor of Virginia, and one of his successors Terry McAuliffe, another Democrat, recently sought to restore voting rights to 200,000 Virginia felons. See the pattern? Fortunately McAuliffe was overturned by the Virginia Supreme Court.

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