Homosexual Caused Horrible Tunnel Fire

First, here is a quick word about an oil pipeline. This is an excerpt from Freebeacon.com about a pipeline originating in North Dakota:

Nearly a year after President Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline, controversy over another oil pipeline project threatens to deepen divisions between two key Democratic constituencies, labor unions and environmentalists. The Dakota Access pipeline, which will carry oil from North Dakota’s Bakken shale formation through four states, has drawn vehement opposition from environmental groups. It was recently targeted by a string of arson attacks.

On the other side of the fight is organized labor, which says the pipeline is a source of high-paying union jobs. Many of the unions going to bat for the pipeline also supported Keystone XL, the rejection of which drove a wedge between segments of the labor and environmental movements.

OK, first of all, these labor unions should shut their mouths and go away so that unemployed Americans can have the jobs. These unions have killed millions of jobs in the last 60 years with their greed, strikes and sabotage, and now they want more. There should be a rule: No union members get pipeline jobs.

Second, notice that the pipeline was “recently targeted by a string of arson attacks.”

This is expected, since these environmentalist are now stepping up their assaults on the oil and natural gas industries. Nikitas3.com has conjectured since the famous Fort McMurray forest fire in Canada in May of this year that that fire may well have been an intentional “green” arson intended to destroy the oil sands industry in Fort McMurray, which environmentalists hate. The final report on the cause of the fire has not been issued, but criminal activity has not been ruled out.

In Oregon a crude oil train derailed in June, and exploded. Environmentalists have been seeking to shut down crude oil shipments by rail, even after they oppose pipelines that move oil more safely. Nikitas3.com believes that the Oregon derailment very well could have been “green” sabotage to make crude-by-rail look dangerous. Now here is today’s main commentary:

Homosexual Caused Horrible Tunnel Fire

There is a series of videos on YouTube called Seconds from Disaster and it recounts famous cataclysms like a truck fire in the highway tunnel under Mont Blanc in France. The tunnel connects Italy to France and the fire on March 24, 1999 killed 39 people who could not escape when the flames and smoke spread quickly along the line of stalled cars and trucks stuck in the 7.2 mile tunnel behind the burning truck.

Nikitas3.com noticed a very deceptive aspect to the video – that the 45 minute production devotes 30 seconds to discuss one theory about the cause of the truck fire, that a cigarette discarded out the window of a car was sucked into the truck’s engine air duct and lit the paper air filter on fire.

This is utterly preposterous for many reasons including the fact that the truck’s air intake was located at the roofline of the cab. So why was this crazy theory sneakily injected into the story when there are a dozen plausible reasons for a truck to catch on fire from other causes?

Answer: This was a media ploy that is simply part of the global media War on Cigarettes. At every opportunity liberals try to make cigarettes look bad, and this example shows the degree to which they will commit any journalistic fakery to fit their template which extends to every topic imaginable. It would be shocking except that liberals use it every day.

Now imagine that an anti-homosexual filmmaker had made the tunnel fire video and that the filmmaker presented a fake theory intended to slander gays – that the truck driver was a homosexual who was looking at gay porn while driving and had crashed his truck, which caught fire, and that homosexuality therefore caused the tragedy.

This video would be banned from YouTube while liberal and homosexual groups would protest that it was just a bigoted theory made by a partisan. Yet no honest filmmaker would make such a claim in the first place unless it were true.

As an experiment, however, Nikitas3.com posted this commentary with the fake headline Homosexual Caused Horrible Tunnel Fire to demonstrate, in reverse, just how manipulative these media liberals are. The headline jumps right out at you when the accused group is liberal, like gays are, because the media have trained us that liberal groups (blacks, gays, illegal aliens, females, sex-changers, etc.) are above criticism. At the same time it would sound perfectly harmless if the headline claimed that Cigarette Caused Horrible Tunnel Fire but it would be equally dishonest. So why would we casually accept one dishonesty but indignantly reject another?

It is because liberal dishonesty and prejudice are routine in our Global Liberal Media today and we simply accept them after decades of bias. Example: There was a statistic published recently about media violence that said that 98% of the people killed during violent TV programs are white males. So by insistently portraying white men as murder victims these shows are subtly and not-subtly slanting the media narrative against white men in classic socialist style.

This type of manipulation is rampant in the American media every day and you don’t have to look hard to find it. Whenever you see a klutz, an idiot, a fool, a thief, a killer, a pervert or a person doing something stupid or dishonest on TV or in an advertisement it is virtually always a white man. Meanwhile women and blacks are always portrayed as smart, wise, law-abiding etc.

But then imagine that an anti-black TV producer always portrayed blacks as stupid thieves and liars with illegitimate children everywhere. There would be outrage.

If you are old enough you may remember Dan Quayle, the Republican Indiana US senator who served as vice president of the United States for one term from January 1989 to January 1993 under president George HW Bush. The media hated Quayle even though he was a decent and thoughtful person who had good ideas. They detested him because he is a white Republican man from the Midwest. The media ridiculed Quayle relentlessly by latching onto a couple of verbal gaffes that he made even though Obama has made many more mistakes that are far worse.

Shortly after Quayle became vice president the #1 TV show in America at the time, called Cheers, introduced a new character, a dimwitted guy named Woody who was said to be from Indiana. The Cheers narrative was that Woody was stupid, i.e., to suggest that all the white people from Indiana like Dan Quayle are stupid.

This shows clearly how manipulative these media people are. They never stop using their positions of media power to smear those with whom they disagree. And this all comes despite the fact that conservative white people from Indiana are some of the smartest, hardest-working people in the whole world who ask nothing from the rest of us.

Meanwhile Dan Quayle never screwed up nearly as often as our current Democrat vice president Joe Biden who once said, “If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, there’s still a 30% chance we’re going to get it wrong.” Or this: “Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be Vice President of the United States of America. … Quite frankly, (she) might have been a better pick than me.” Or how about: “(This) economic plan does nothing to tackle the number-one job facing the middle class, and it happens to be …a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S, jobs.”

These Biden gaffes are a dime a dozen compared to one or two for Quayle, but these same anti-cigarette, anti-conservative, anti-Quayle media always say that poor Joe Biden just makes mistakes, that it really is no problem. Then who could forget Obama saying that he had campaigned in “57 states” and the media covering immediately for Obama by saying that he was just tired from campaigning. Or when Obama stood in Paris shortly after the November 2015 terrorist attack and said that gun violence “doesn’t happen in other countries” (referring to countries other than the US).

So we have the usual liberal double standard. How about the way that the media relentlessly promoted the idea in the hours immediately after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 that it might well have been the work of white, conservative Tea Partiers since the attack happened on April 15, which is tax deadline day. (The bombers turned out to be Muslims.)

How about anti-conservative New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg conjecturing in the hours after a failed bombing attempt in Times Square in 2010 that the bomber, who was unknown at the time, could be “someone upset with the (Obamacare) bill”, i.e., a white conservative. Meanwhile the failed bomber turned out to be a Muslim, as we conservatives knew he would be.

This list goes on endlessly. Here is just one more: In 1995 a story erupted in the US Liberal Media that black churches were being burned across the South by white supremacists. This story played out for more than a year. Democrat president Bill Clinton even made an issue of it. But the story turned out to be yet another media hoax that was intended to smear white people and make blacks again look like victims.

The fact that it was uncovered as a hoax received hardly any media coverage in comparison to the original story because the truth, which emerged after careful scrutiny of the claims, came out long after the original charges were made and inflated over a long period. But the damage had been done precisely as designed by the widely-disseminated story; white people were impugned yet again.

Meanwhile the arsonist who burned Sarah Palin’s Alaska church in December 2008 still has not been apprehended and the story faded after only a few mentions in the media. If Palin were black it would be a major story to this day.

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