Louisiana Flood Heartbreak

The thoughts and prayers of Nikitas3.com go out to the people of Louisiana whose lives have been shattered by the recent floods there. And the number of people affected either directly or indirectly is certainly in the hundreds of thousands. This was no local weather event limited to one town.

The floodwaters are subsiding but this happens very slowly in a relatively flat and low-lying state like Louisiana. The scope of the destruction, however, is already known and will be revealed in more precise detail as the waters drain away.

This type of flood is a natural occurrence. It is called a “100 year flood” or a “500 year flood”. In other words they occur rarely but they do occur. Their very magnitude makes them rare.

And these particular floods occurred due to a confluence of natural events in which heavy precipitation patterns merged with atmospheric patterns to stall heavy rains over Louisiana for several days.

It has been estimated that 40,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed, never mind cars and trucks, churches, businesses, power substations, water supplies and everything else. Even cemeteries have been adversely affected.

The videos of the damage are heartbreaking. In town after town we see whole subdivisions and business districts underwater.

We will now hopefully see a strong financial response by private insurers to help covered people, and, where applicable, federal disaster aid. This is one of the expenditures of federal monies that Nikitas3.com has always supported because natural disasters are just different from everything else.

But after the horrible performance of the Federal Emergency Management Agency after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 we cannot be optimistic about the federal response to Louisiana today.

Who could forget the horrendous response to Katrina by FEMA in which truckloads of ice and other supplies wandered aimlessly, never reaching their targets, while a private-sector response from WalMart was immediate and focused.

And since FEMA today is under the control of Obama we can expect worse because Louisiana is a state where Obama is unpopular. Thus we can expect him to use a tactic of malicious neglect, which already has reared its ugly head as Obama went golfing instead of flying to see the devastation or even appearing to much care about the people of Louisiana.

We all remember that George W. Bush suffered years of bad press for not visiting New Orleans right away after Katrina. But Obama’s neglect has been met with media silence. After all he cannot run down there with his rhetorical guns blazing and score political points by blaming firearms or angry white people for the disaster.

Or can he? Well, I spoke too soon. After originally posting this commentary Obama issued a warning that rescuers in Louisiana should not discriminate on account of race or language proficiency! This is how a tyrant and a narcissist manages to stick his nose into every event, every tragedy, every heartbreak. It is disgusting.

Rest assured that Obama will continue to exploit. The lunatic ‘global warming’ alarmist Al Gore (net worth $200 million) – who has largely become a national joke – already tried to make hay out of the Louisiana tragedy as it was still developing. He blamed so-called “climate change” for the floods and of course we all know that that so-called “climate change” to people like Gore really is code language for ‘conservative white men and their evil technology destroying the environment’.

Gore’s charge is crass but expected when you are dealing with selfish liberals. They never, ever, ever stop trying to score political points whether over a terrorist attack, a police shooting or a heavy rainstorm. They are heartless people.

Friends, Nikitas3.com now is going to seek to offer some words of wisdom about Louisiana since Al Gore started the blame-game rolling and there must be a response:

The Louisiana floods were an act of “mother” nature. No Tea Partiers or Republicans or oil companies pushed those clouds over Louisiana and told them to let loose. And as Nikitas3.com has said repeatedly for many years “mother” nature is the most brutal killer and destroyer of all.

The “green” narrative, however, is that nature is benign, and that man is evil. Yet man’s technological progress over thousands of years has been aimed at one thing and that is to conquer the cruel force of nature that has menaced man for millennia.

Look at the world today. Almost every person in these poor nations, where they live “close to” nature (i.e., in miserable poverty) would flee to the United States if they could. People who live “close to” nature know how awful that life can be.

On the other hand many Americans (i.e., environmentalists) who have lived more and more comfortably as time passes, with more and more technological innovation, have gone in the other direction. They tell us that we should reject our good lives and move back toward a “natural” lifestyle. Nonsense.

Donald Trump plans to visit Louisiana today, Friday, August 19. We will see if Hillary Clinton shows up there to troll for votes in a state that she will not win anyway. But alas, her campaign knows that Louisiana is a “red state” and that Hillary is probably too tired to go way down South anyway. No, she has an important campaign appearance this weekend in a gay enclave in Massachusetts with the brain-dead entertainer Cher. Hey, I’ve got you babe!

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