Liberals Now Use Social Policy to Kill Prosperity

Liberals and Democrats have used their failed economic policies to kill prosperity for many decades. But now they are using social policy to do so too. A North Carolina law passed by Republicans to protect women and children by limiting the bathroom usage of sex-changers has turned into an economic weapon in the hands of liberals.

North Carolina is one of the most successful economic entities in the world today. The state has built on decades of conservative capitalist policies. North Carolina’s strong economy has attracted hundreds of thousands of younger, skilled and educated people from all over the US and the world. Liberals from the Northeastern US (New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, etc.) especially have fled to North Carolina after their own states, run under their own liberal policies, failed miserably.

Indeed there is peace, happiness, growth and prosperity in North Carolina. But as usual Democrats are out to destroy it all just like their friends in the labor unions did in the past.

In the decades after World War II US labor unions decimated the roaring industrial economies of the Northern Tier of the United States, from Wisconsin to Maine. Rather than enjoying the prosperity the unions called endless strikes and confrontations, used violence and sabotage, and demanded outrageous wages and benefits, leading to a steep decline in the steel, railroad and auto industries. Labor actions led to the closing of hundreds of factories and corporate plants, including the General Electric plant in the hometown in Massachusetts, with 11,000 jobs lost. Many of these businesses moved to the South or overseas, or simply shut down.

Now another arm of the Democrat party is seeking to undermine North Carolina’s prosperity with vilification over its bathroom law. Social liberals are seeking to harm the state’s strong economy by defaming North Carolina and urging businesses to boycott North Carolina. The National Basketball Association already has pulled its All Star Game from North Carolina.

To which the people of North Carolina should say, “Good riddance. Our economy is built on hard work, low taxes, limited regulation and innovation, not basketball.”

So why don’t these boycotters in North Carolina move their businesses to places like liberal New York state? Answer: They know that New York has a terrible environment for business. They know that North Carolina is a great place to prosper in, and that they will find in New York an aging population, decaying infrastructure, a withering labor force with limited skills, and sky-high taxes.

In upstate New York jobs have been disappearing for 30 years. Even Hillary Clinton promised hundreds of thousands of jobs for upstate when she ran for the US Senate from New York in 2000, but they never materialized. In fact job losses continued and accelerated since then. This is classic socialism – promise anything to get elected even if you have no intention or means to accomplish it.

But that does not stop the militants from seeking to kill the golden goose in North Carolina. Look at the many ways that they are doing this, and have done this, all over the nation (and this is just a partial list):

*As recently as Autumn 2012 Hostess Bakeries (Twinkies, Wonder Bread) was having financial difficulties. Rather than make concessions to save the company the bakers union went on strike and the company closed immediately with 18,000 workers thrown out of their jobs nationally.

*Many freight railroads had fallen into bankruptcy by the 1970s, particularly in the Northeast. They suffered under decades of heavy-handed government control, and outrageous fiscal demands from the labor unions. They were saved by DEregulation under the 1980 Staggers Act under which government control was rolled way back and the unions were restrained. Today the freight railroads – the Big Four are Union Pacific and BNSF west of the Mississippi, and CSX and Norfolk Southern in the East – are thriving like no other system in the world and like never before in American history.

*California was once the most prosperous place in the world. But no longer. It is stagnating economically after the Democrats have totally taken over the state. The productive middle class is fleeing by the hundreds of thousands every year after decades in which it flocked to California.

Democrats are taxing Californians heavily; mandating oppressive regulations; financing a growing, unionized state bureaucracy that costs taxpayers more and more every year; welcoming poor, uneducated and unskilled illegal immigrants by the millions; and promoting a destructive Welfare State. Democrats control every single statewide office. Even the “grandfather” of the Silicon Valley computer industry, a company called Intel, has not created a single job inside California since the year 2000, but is expanding in other states.

*For more than a century New York state was one of the richest places on earth. But no longer since the socialists gathered on the prosperity like flies and stole every penny in sight, as they do everywhere they can.

Today regulation and taxes (8.2% statewide sales tax) in New York are leading to an exodus of younger people and jobs. Many have gone to North Carolina. Wealthy people are fleeing New York City in droves and taking their bank accounts with them in order to escape some of the highest taxes in the nation.

Up to 2 million younger, skilled and educated people have fled New York state in the last 20 years leaving behind an older, poorer and sicker population. Environmental radicals have imposed every type of restriction on growth and have killed rural economies. Conservatives have virtually no power in New York, and the Republicans are very liberal. This has produced a disastrous situation.

On the other hand conservatism and capitalism have produced economic success, like this:

*New Hampshire for 200 years had a reputation as a conservative bastion in liberal New England. It was mocked and ridiculed. Yet today hundreds of thousands of people, including many liberals, from other parts of America, and New England – including from next-door Massachusetts – have moved to New Hampshire for its strong economy. Typically many of these migrants have brought their liberalism with them and are trying to turn New Hampshire into another liberal state with the type of stagnant economy that comes from liberal policies.

*Rust Belt state like Indiana, Michigan and Ohio, long considered beyond repair, have been revitalized by conservative, reform-minded Republican governors after Democrat governors undermined them. The steel industry has reformulated itself somewhat in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Illinois, its traditional homes. One of the most successful companies today is Steel Dynamics, which was financed and guided by Mitt Romney’s investment company Bain Capital.

*Foreign “transplant” auto companies like BMW, Mercedes, Toyota and Hyundai have built manufacturing plants in the non-union, low-tax Southern US states where they are thriving and providing great jobs making great cars. Workers there do not want the unions because they know that unions will spread strife and harm the companies as the unions did to the American auto makers. Meanwhile US car companies like Ford have moved plants to lower-cost nations like Mexico to escape the exorbitant demands of their unions.

*The Southern states like Texas, North Carolina and Georgia, with overwhelmingly Republican government control and free-market capitalist policies, are thriving. But liberals need to find any excuse to destroy that prosperity, like the North Carolina bathroom law. And if that law does lead to any job losses – it probably will not – don’t blame North Carolina; blame the liberals for making a social policy into an economic policy and doing their usual economic destruction.

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