Selfless Conservatives vs. Narcissist Democrats

Here is a telling excerpt about Barack Obama from

President Barack Obama used the first person singular—including the pronouns “I” and “me” and the adjective “my”— 91 times in a speech he delivered in Chicago Tuesday to explain his unilateral action on immigration. But as often as Obama used “I,” “me” and “my” in Chicago this week, it was no match for the speech he delivered in Austin, Texas… when he used the first person singular 199 times.

In a speech in India in January 2015 Obama made 118 references to himself (us, we, I, my administration etc.).

OK, folks, we see this over and over, including Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention this Summer. But is this just rhetorical nitpicking?

No, this is indicative of who liberals are. These Obama speeches show an extremist and insecure leftist talking, like a dictator who speaks for hours and hours and focuses on himself, with his pictures plastered all over the nation. Liberals think only about what is best for themselves and they repeatedly draw attention to themselves.

Hollywood is the quintessential liberal bastion with the most self-absorbed people. But there is tremendous insecurity in Hollywood. That is why there is so much alcoholism, drug abuse, divorce, suicide and other sicknesses.

At the same time conservatives do what is best for the common good and don’t seek to draw attention to themselves, like Republican president Ronald Reagan did not. Reagan revitalized the American economy, restored faith in our nation and defeated the communist Soviet Union without firing a shot, all in 8 years in office. Yet he never bragged about himself or gloated, he was always upbeat, he never exploited events for political purposes, he retired humbly and quietly, and he let his legacy speak for itself.

Reagan even has an optimistic epitaph on his grave as if to give hope for all of humanity. It reads:

I know in my heart that man is good. That what is right will always eventually triumph. And there’s purpose and worth to each and every life.

Wow. Wonderful. In short, Ronald Reagan was a class act in death as he was in life.

Republican Rudy Giuliani “saved” New York City as mayor after decades of Democrat corruption and misrule. Giuliani never gloated. He knew that he didn’t have to. He has always been quiet and humble, with an upbeat demeanor. The “regular folks” in New York love him. His record speaks for itself.

Obama, on the other hand, is a typical liberal. He is in our faces constantly, just like Bill Clinton is. He exploits every event for political purposes. He is dour and promotes negativity like when he told an hispanic audience in 2010 to “punish your enemies”. Under the Obama presidency unhappiness and misery have spread throughout our nation. This is no surprise. This always happens under a narcissist’s rule.

All liberals exhibit these characteristics… me, me, me, with no regard for decorum or decency. For instance Bill Clinton had sex with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office of the White House, the most sacred political place in America. President John F. Kennedy had sex with many women in the White House. Meanwhile president Reagan would never even enter the Oval Office without his suit jacket on, out of respect.

There is an unwritten rule that ex-presidents of the United States are supposed to remain out of the spotlight after their tenure in the White House is over. Republicans Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush and George W. Bush all have obeyed this rule.

But Democrats Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter have totally ignored it; we keep seeing them over and over in the media. Because they are narcissists who need to constantly be in the public eye, to tell us how smart they are and to shore up their legacies, particularly Carter who left office a disgraceful failure.

Expect Obama to be the worst one in this regard. He will insert himself relentlessly into the public eye until he dies.

To see the truth, consider the issue of poverty. Liberals say that we must give more and more money to the poor. Yet after the most generous handouts in the history of the world over the last 70 years – tens of trillions of dollars worth – the United States has more poor and taxpayer-dependent people than ever. Because common sense says that you will get more of what the government subsidizes.

Common sense says that the best way to help the poor is through economic growth. But liberals don’t know how to create economic growth, and so they ignore common sense. And since liberals know that their system has failed they must keep insisting on what they believe to be the solution. They must keep talking about more and more handouts to prevent the truth from entering the debate. So they talk, talk, talk, often about themselves and how wonderful they are and how much only they “care” about everyone by giving away Other People’s Money.

This really demonstrates gross UNcertainty. Liberals are very INsecure people. That is what makes them liberals and is at the heart of liberal ideology, that we can never rely on ourselves, that we need government.

Obama is an extremely insecure person. We are supposed to think of him as the arrogant, cocky (half) black guy who knows it all, who got elected president on the first try. But don’t be fooled.

If you study basic human psychology you know that such a person always has an opposite side – a weak and insecure side. One of the ways that Obama’s insecurity was reflected was in his repeated bowing to foreign leaders. This is a very telling behavior. He was showing that he considered himself to be inferior.

This comes from Obama’s personal history. His father was a failure, a black African drunk who abandoned his son and was killed in a car crash. His mother also was a failure, an avowed communist who achieved nothing in life and who abandoned her son as a teenager.

These two events traumatized Obama who knows that he was saved when he was taken in by his prosperous white grandmother. To boot, he is conflicted about his own racial identity. So he really is very confused inside, which leads to weakness and insecurity but also, on the other hand, to a contrived vanity that seeks to ward off reality.

Bill Clinton always acts like he knows everything. But he is really a sad and angry person from a working-class background in a small town in Arkansas. Clinton cannot accept this or come to terms with it or see the dignity in it since he knows that the wealthy liberal elites in Hollywood and New York have been ridiculing people with his background for more than 100 years.

Clinton then looks at a family like the Bush family and sees American history and propriety and is jealous of it. Meanwhile Bill Clinton is still struggling to make sure that his historical legacy does not end up in the trash bin. And if Bill Clinton is so smart then you must wonder why the most famous quote from his presidency is a lie: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky…”

Meanwhile Republican George W. Bush, who left officer relatively unpopular, has not sought to rehabilitate himself through repeatedly showing up in the media to explain himself. He will allow history to speak for him, as all presidents know will ultimately happen.

And now Obama, seeing the failure of his policies in the dreadful condition of America, is in an existential panic. Thus he is going to spend the rest of his presidency – and the rest of his life – trying to regain the fame and glory that he had when he was first elected president.

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