Phony Polls Abound as Election Nears

Here are some of the phony polls that have been exposed in the past:

*On the day before the November 2014 election a major poll in Wisconsin showed tough-guy Republican governor Scott Walker in a dead heat for re-election. But then he won by almost 6 points. So the poll was wrong by 6 points in favor of the liberal candidate. That is a huge error out of only 100 points. And remember that Wisconsin is a small state that should be easy to poll compared to the whole country.

*On the day of the Brexit vote in Britain a major poll showed that the British people were going to vote against leaving the European Union by 52 to 48. They ended up voting in favor of leaving (which was the conservative position) by 52 to 48. So the poll was wrong by 8 points favoring the liberal point of view.

*In June 1988 an NBC poll showed Republican vice president George W. Bush 15 points behind challenger Michael Dukakis in Bush’s bid for the White House. But in the November election Bush won 40 states, so the NBC poll was grossly wrong… in favoring the Democrat, of course.

*In October 2014 media polls and liberal pundits predicted that Republicans would be lucky to have 51 US Senate seats after the election. But the GOP easily got to 54 seats.

*In Summer 1980 polls showed Republican challenger Ronald Reagan up to 30 points behind incumbent Democrat president Jimmy Carter in the race for the White House. But Reagan ended up winning 44 states in November.

*A 2004 poll just before the November election showed that Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry would win the electoral votes in Ohio, and thus the presidency. Then when Kerry lost Ohio and the presidency there were actually millions of Democrats who said that the poll was correct and that the actual vote count was wrong!

Now we have another fake polling season in full swing. Nationwide polls are all over the place showing Hillary Clinton either slightly behind, even with Trump, or with a small lead, medium lead or a large lead. But you have to understand how polls work to know what is going on.

These big polls like NBC, Reuters, New York Times, CNN, CBS, etc. are “media polls” put out by liberal media outlets. They should be ignored. They are always biased to the Democrats to comport directly with their sources’ political outlook. And these outlets can bias polls easily, primarily by whom they call.

If the poll calls more Democrats than Republicans, or more phone numbers in a liberal area, or more blacks, then the poll will favor the Democrat. In fact these polls usually explain in the fine print how they are conducted and they usually are conducted with easily detectable bias.

These “media polls” are not interested in being accurate. They are often frightfully wrong. So why do they keep polling? And why does anyone believe them anymore?

It is simple. These polls are not really polls at all. They are fake surveys conducted by liberal interests to always make the election look like it is tilting to liberals. This is done so that other liberal media outlets can then write stories about the Democrat looking good to win the election.

There are other polls like Zogby and Rasmussen that are known for accuracy. There are also university polls, like Quinnipiac, and independent polling organizations like Pew and Gallup which show varying degrees of accuracy.

In another aspect of polling conservatives are likely to be overlooked enough to tilt the poll. We conservatives and Republicans by nature are less likely to even respond to a phone poll or an internet poll than Democrats are. We are more likely to hang up the phone or ignore an internet poll. Often we are busy. It is in our very nature not to want to be bothered by someone we don’t even know, particularly by a nosy polling organization. That is why we favor limited government – to keep other people out of our lives.

On the other hand tens of millions of liberals are lonely, anxious and/or depressed people. Many are not working anyway. They crave attention. They get excited when the phone rings. They want to think of themselves as important and worthy, and so they are more likely to respond to a poll and answer every question. It gives their dreary lives a lift. This helps to bias polls in favor of Democrats.

Trump should be down 30 points to Hillary after the daily trashing that he has taken in the last 15 months, and the media buildup for Hillary for the last 25 years. But most polls still show Trump slightly behind, tied or ahead. Even the Los Angeles Times poll recently put Trump ahead by one point, and that is a biased media poll.

So the formula is this – take the “media polls” and add 5 to 20 points for the conservative or Republican candidate and you get reality.

But then it is important to remember that these national poll numbers are not that relevant anyway since our system is based on the electoral college, or individual state races. So the polls we really need to focus on are those covering crucial states that either candidate needs to win in order to take the White House, states like Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Virginia. Most of the rest of the states are solidly Republican or Democrat and not “in play”. believes that Trump can definitely win these states since Americans are known to be eager for a new direction. The three presidential debates in September and October also will move millions of voters to Trump since voters will get to see him without the negative media filter and the fake polls. Just watch the polls flip for Trump after the debates since Trump will be very aggressive. He is honing his message at his rallies.

Then remember that Trump is campaigning aggressively and drawing massive crowds, while Hillary is invisible. Any Politics 101 teacher will tell you that this is helping Trump enormously. Is Hillary throwing in the towel? Could be. believes that Trump is going to win the White House, and that the media are covering up his popularity in any way they can. It is important to remember that the famous liberal election forecaster Nate Silver said in Summer 2015 that Trump only had a 5% chance of even getting the Republican nomination.

A recent Reuters poll said that Hillary Clinton is 12 points ahead of Trump. This poll is called an “out-lier” – it is way outside of the norm of even biased media polls – and everybody knows it.

This is to be expected. Reuters is an extremely liberal international news organization that is based in Britain and transmits news around the world in 12 languages (i.e., very multicultural and globalist, and thus anti-Trump). Second, Reuters recently altered its polling methodology in a way that has made many people very suspicious of their poll.

Does Reuters care?

No. And guess what? Three days later the same Reuters poll showed Clinton only 5 points ahead. So there.

Now here is one ‘poll’ that looks pretty solid. It has been around for a while and it says that 70% of Americans believe that the country is going in the wrong direction or is “on the wrong track”. believes that this figure is fairly accurate.

Naturally we never saw a terrible number like this before Obama. But we conservatives knew that Obama would give us these numbers with his destructive policies.

Since Hillary Clinton will simply continue Obama policies this dissatisfaction is going to play into the hands of Donald Trump. It may not show up in the polls officially until the most important poll of all is taken – the vote on election day 2016. And that could be the biggest surprise “poll” of all.

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