SPECIAL: Trump vs. the Globalists & ‘New World Order’

The 2016 presidential election is really about Donald Trump versus The World. And The World today means two things – globalism and socialism, all wrapped up in one package.

The mayor of Los Angeles, whose city is seeking to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, even said that LA will not get the games if Trump is elected. This is because even the International Olympic Committee is part of the globalist anti-Trump cabal.

Globalism and socialism are urban ways of thinking that thrive in cities where wealth is historically concentrated. These two ideologies are now intertwined. They reflect the wealthy urban elite in places like London, New York, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Rio, Sydney, etc. who have great power and wealth and want to hold onto it. Globalists and socialists also are called the ‘Illuminati’ or the New World Order in some circles.

These people control their nations through government power (socialism, which is an urban phenomenon) and through national and international wealth and trade via cronyism in a worldwide trading/banking system (globalism). They create a political and economic network with transnational players like Bill Clinton and Jeff Bezos and mega-billionaires all over the world like Carlos Slim of Mexico and hundreds of others, including many in Asia.

Today they are virtually all left-wing socialists because they live in cities, and it works like a club. If you don’t believe in their ideas, you can’t get into the club. It is like the old-fashioned American “country club” where deals were made among members over cocktails and dinner, or on the golf course.

This is yet another aspect of global power that has been commandeered by the socialists. Power was concentrated naturally for thousands of years in capitalism and nationalism, like the pride of American exceptionalism or French history and culture. But this has faded. It will return, however, as we see rising discontent with the globalists and socialists in Europe and other places like South America.

In the United States globalism and socialism are advocated by the entire Democrat party – which is based in our cities – along with the Republican Establishment, which is Washington-based. The principal worldwide globalists are:

*super-wealthy billionaires, bankers and hedge-funders who accumulate their fortunes in “paper wealth” (stocks, bonds, investments, etc.), often in international transactions;
*those involved in global transactions in trade, computers, shipping, the internet, information, news, publishing, even sports and the arts, etc.;
*the United Nations;
*communist and socialist governments worldwide, including the Republican Establishment in the US;
*the global media;
*the global environmental movement;
*global labor unions, particularly unions of government employees;
*the global lawyer classes;
*global artists, musicians and writers;
*those who control many corporations that deal internationally; and
*those who control the universities.

These people are happy with the current system because they are at the top. They do not want any challenge to their power. They want to be part of globalism because they benefit from it. They get richer and richer making money and deals, often beyond national borders. They are part of an international network. They don’t care about anything else, or about the “little people”. Their approach to the “little people” is to give them subsistence-levels of welfare and food stamps so that they don’t outright starve or revolt.

There is a positive element to globalism in that it sees the whole world as one big marketplace, which is natural in our modern economy, with the free and rapid movement of goods and ideas. We conservatives believe in free trade, and know that open markets are good for us in general.

The free movement of goods and people within Europe, without border controls and currency differences for every nation, is certainly a big help for Europe under its European Union, which is now like the United States.

But there are three dark facets to contemporary globalism, and those are:

A) its alliance with international socialism, which makes nations poor and leaves people without political power. Socialist nations are always poorer and less innovative than capitalist nations. Citizens in socialist nations have less, or much less individual freedom than those in capitalist nations.
B) unfair trade, or the lopsided advantages that poor nations have in free trade, with their low-cost labor forces. This puts the advanced nations at a distinct disadvantage; and
C) the concept that the world has no borders, which represents the loss of national sovereignty and national pride. National pride, which thrived in America for more than 200 years and in many nations throughout history, now is referred to disparagingly as “nativism” when applied to Trump and to American conservatives.

This borderless world is a bad idea since the only borders that really are disappearing are those between Europe and the rest of the world; and between the US and the rest of the world. Most nations have very strong border controls. Mexico, for instance, is very tough on illegal border-crossers from Guatemala.

Meanwhile the most militant globalists are socialists and communists who represent nations and regions that most people don’t want to go to in the first place like Mexico, China, Africa and Cuba, and who want their own poor people to go to Europe and the United States. Very convenient.

Donald Trump is different from these globalists and socialists. Here are the ways that that is true:

*Trump earned his fortune the old-fashioned way, by constructing buildings. He has not enriched himself through trade or the internet or media or in “paper wealth” like hedge funds or stocks and bonds or investments. He made his money girder by girder, brick by brick.
It is really an old-fashioned type of capitalist wealth creation like the American industrialists of the 19th century who mined copper or built railroads or made steel.

This sets Trump apart from the wealthy globalist/socialist elite today that works in offices and never gets its hands dirty, with most of its wealth earned on computer screens. Trump simply has a different character than they do because he has built his wealth in a different way from them.

Trump has built all over the world and really knows more about the nuts and bolts of international trade and commerce than all of the hedge-funders in New York combined.

*Trump is dedicated to free-market capitalism. He wants Reagan-like American tax and trade policies that promote growth, jobs and American interests, rather than the stagnation favored and imposed by globalists/socialists to keep the world’s people down and poor and unable to challenge the elites for power.

*Trump wants free trade and he knows it value. But he also wants fair trade deals for the US, and he knows the difference between free and fair. He knows, for instance, that Mexico is taking advantage of the US in the NAFTA trade deal; and that China is cheating the US in its trade policies by subsidizing exports, manipulating its currency, stealing technology and ‘dumping’ its products on the global market.

On the other hand, the globalists and socialists in China and Mexico want to continue trading without scrutiny since they are benefitting from it while sending millions of their people to the US, both to find jobs and to be educated.

*Trump wants to “put America first” which contradicts globalism, where no nation is put ahead of any other, particularly America, which has been at the head of the class for centuries;

*Trump also opposes open borders since the US no longer has the jobs for the huge numbers of people coming here. So all in all, Trump is quite the opposite from the globalist elite.

Meanwhile the super-rich billionaires don’t care about the destructive effects of socialist economic policies, bad trade deals or open borders. They are insulated from them by their wealth. They just want their flow of cash to continue.

Consider the European Union which is a massive globalist/socialistic government bureaucracy that hovers over every aspect of Europeans’ lives. If you want to know how nutty the EU has become, look at this from telegraph.co.uk in 2008 (the Daily Telegraph newspaper):

Curvy cucumbers, knobbly carrots, wonky aubergines and ugly artichokes will go on sale in shops again after unpopular European Union rules dictating the size and shape of fruit and vegetables are scrapped. …The rules are being dropped to cut red tape after growing protests from supermarkets, grocers, and farmers, including the Prince of Wales, who have been forced to throw away produce that does not measure up to exacting requirements drawn up by eurocrats decades ago. An estimated 20 per cent of the British harvest is thrown away to comply with the EU regulations, rules which have been calculated to add as much as 40 per cent to the price of some vegetables, such as carrots.

Look at that massive waste from the EU rules. Yet who cries most about hunger and food waste?

It is the same crowd that led Europe into this food waste with their absurd regulations, while the same elites tell us that Britain is foolish for leaving the European Union.

But the majority in Britain knows that the downside of globalism is mindless bureaucracy, like open borders and socialism and rules for vegetables. For instance the same globalists who have caused stagnation all over Europe are allowing more than 1 million Muslim refugees into Europe. But the elites’ wealth insulates them from the devastating effects of this migration. Their solution? Put the refugees on welfare.

More European nations may rebel against the EU for these reasons.

Now look at this excerpt from express.co.uk (the Daily Express newspaper in Britain):

The leaders of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Malta are planning to meet in Athens next month to forge a new anti-austerity alliance with the aim of wrestling back control of the European Central Bank (ECB), which sets Eurozone fiscal policy, from Berlin (Germany). It is being headed up by Greek premier Alexis Tsipras, who has frequently clashed with both (German chancellor Angela) Merkel and (the EU) over the crippling austerity which has brought his country to its knees.

Notice that second sentence…”the crippling austerity which has brought (Greece) to its knees.”

No, friends, it is not austerity that has brought Greece down; this is just the socialist narrative. Greece collapsed because it had a massive debt load that it built up during decades of global prosperity. We conservatives warn over and over about debt, while socialists dismiss us.

But Greece, which has been a very left-wing nation for many decades, just kept spending and spending until its debt load broke the whole country. At the same time global prosperity is gone since the world’s economic ‘engine’ – the United States – is also hamstrung by Obama debt. And thus there is no way for small nations like Greece to recover until America does.

We conservatives always recommend that nations, businesses and individual people practice thrift and avoid debt. This was one of the core principles of the American Founding Fathers. But socialism is never thrifty. Socialism spends every penny it can find, and then much more, as we have seen in the US under Obama.

And when the debt load becomes unsustainable, as in Greece, the same globalists and socialists whip up the people into a frenzy – for instance, against Trump – when they are told that they no longer have any money left for their free-spending ways.

This is the upside-down world that Donald Trump faces. As a private businessman Trump could never have taken on decades of debt and stayed in business. His private-sector success is the opposite of debt-ridden socialistic collapse.

Trump personally has created billions in wealth along with tens of thousands of jobs in building and operating his properties and resorts. This is why the socialists all over the world oppose Trump – because he is exposing them and showing the only way to really create wealth and jobs, through individual non-government initiative (capitalism) not collective state-sponsored action (socialism). This is diametrically opposed to their philosophy.

Trump, and American conservatives, also know that illegal immigration is out of control. And the only reason that Trump is calling for a drastic solution like a wall is because our immigration system has stopped working on the orders of globalist/socialist Obama.

It is Trump who stands for “the common man” – the American worker who has seen his wages sink to illegal aliens, and who has seen his job moved overseas through the global economy. Trump’s recent speech in Detroit hit every economic nail on the head, particularly when he addressed imbalanced trade deals.

Meanwhile the wealthy globalist and socialist elite don’t care about “the common people”, whom they disdain. They care only about their own wealth and power.

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