Trump Shifts to ‘Final Stretch’ Election Strategy

Have you noticed something different in the last few weeks? That Donald Trump is not making those controversial or off-the-cuff statements? That he is “pivoting” to a calmer and more disciplined general election strategy including scripted speeches?

He even traveled to Mexico to talk to the president there about the border and other issues. This makes him look very “presidential” while Hillary Clinton has done no such thing. She cannot. Her bad health does not allow it. One photo recently showed her outside her house in her “housecoat” (bathrobe).

At the same time we have seen Hillary sinking in the polls after being repeatedly criticized over her emails, her questionable health, her Muslim aide Huma Abedin, and most recently the corruption at the Clinton Foundation. Thus even as the mainstream media seek to totally cover for Hillary these scandals are finally having a cumulative effect.

In one poll by Reuters that was highly touted by the anti-Trump media Hillary was ahead of Trump by 12 points but then lost the whole 12 point lead in a single week. This is called a “collapse”.

In other words the presidential race is entering the final stretch with the challenger Trump surging and the alleged ‘favorite’ Hillary sinking. This often happens in political elections, and there are still 2 months to go.

By the way, where is Hillary? Have you noticed that she is not campaigning much? And the reason is that she does not have the stamina to campaign, much less be president.

Just as bad, the pitiful turnout that she was getting at her post-convention campaign appearances in early August was embarrassing. Conservative bloggers went to her rallies and posted pictures on the internet of the small crowds. This was worse for Clinton than not campaigning.

Hillary also spent more than $80 million on anti-Trump ads in the last month as Trump surged in the polls at the very same time. Then again Jeb Bush spend $150 million on anti-Trump ads in the primaries and Trump crushed him (who could forget the sorry spectre of Jeb asking an audience to “please clap” at one of his rallies).

In short Trump is Teflon Trump – nothing sticks. Trump is a totally different kind of candidate. The minute-by-minute media attacks on Trump simply are not working and they will not work.

Meanwhile there are big and enthusiastic rallies for Trump, even in the Summer, something that has never been seen before. He is even going to appear before black audiences in the next two months, which no Republican has done before.

The mood of the country also favors Trump. As many as 70% of Americans are said to believe that the US is “on the wrong track”. This favors the challenger and outsider Trump, not the Washington insider Hillary.

Meanwhile Hillary is getting every media advantage and still is doing poorly. has said for several years now that Hillary is a weak candidate.

If you want to see how utterly devious media bias is just consider Hillary’s appearance on August 22 on the Jimmy Kimmel TV show. Kimmel is a late-night talk show host and a comedian.

At one point Kimmel joked about her e-mails. And for millions of viewers Kimmel was essentially saying, “Don’t pay attention to this e-mail stuff. It is nothing. It is just a joke. Ha-ha.” Clinton laughed too.

This joking was an intentional and very underhanded ploy to deceive us about an extremely serious issue of national security, and Hillary played into it happily.

Now we are at Labor Day and headed into the final nine weeks of the 2016 campaign. Election day this year is late, Tuesday, November 8. This “final stretch” is when the most Americans are paying serious attention, and tens of millions of undecided voters will make up their minds.

Already Trump is surging in the polls and believes that there is a Silent Majority for Trump that is not even showing up in the polls. predicts that Trump is going run an aggressive and disciplined campaign in September and October, and win in November for these reasons:

First, this campaign is going to focus on the economy, and Trump is way ahead of Hillary on that issue. Trump also is going to do very well by speaking out strongly about national security and illegal immigration.

Second, Trump is going to continue to campaign hard, appearing in every important state. Hillary will never be able to match Trump’s pace. And when Trump says, “Where’s Hillary?” it will be very effective. Americans are very suspicious about Hillary already. She does not need more negative media, like about her health and her stamina.

Third, Trump is attacking Hillary ruthlessly, which Republicans have not done in the past. This is critical to winning. If Romney had been more aggressive in criticizing Obama he would have won.

Fourth, we have three presidential debates coming up, with expected audiences of up to 70 million(!) each. And when Trump slams Hillary in the debates and offers not just criticism of Hillary but clear solutions for America’s woes, millions of voters will pick Trump and the election will head his way.

But wait. There’s more… There is expected to be new information coming out about the Clinton Foundation and other scandals. Julian Assange of Wikileaks is predicting a big October Surprise which is an event that comes shortly before the election and seeks to derail, or does derail one candidate or the other. This time it will be Hillary.

And don’t forget that Trump will be airing TV ads that ask Americans to look around and see what Obma and the Democrats have done to our nation. These ads will be very effective since Trump also is offering confident solutions for our national crises.

Now look at this newspaper article in the New York Post entitled Stumped by Trump’s Success? Take a drive outside US cities written by a lady named Salena Zito. She noted the strength of candidate Trump in rural Pennsylvania, a state crucial to his winning the White House. She saw Trump signs everywhere. This enthusiasm is striking in that Republican presidential candidates in the past have never seen this type of open support in this type of rural area. Here are excerpts from Zito’s article, with a comment after each:

Zito writes: If you drive anywhere in Pennsylvania, from the turnpike to the old US routes to the dirt roads connecting small towns like Hooversville with “bigger” small towns like Somerset, you might conclude that Donald Trump is ahead in this state by double digits. Large signs, small signs, homemade signs, signs that wrap around barns, signs that go from one end of a fence to another dot the landscape with such frequency that, if you were playing the old-fashioned road-trip game of counting cows, you would hit 100 in just one small town like this one. In Ruffsdale, I am pretty sure I saw more than 100 Trump signs. comment: This is rural Pennsylvania in which you would expect the Republican candidate to run strong. But there is something much bigger at work here. Trump is striking chords deep in the American psyche. These are chords that have not been struck since Ronald Reagan. This is the Silent Majority speaking out for the first time in decades. These are hard-working white people who do not normally make much political noise at all. But they are very much agitated this year, and are supporting Trump faithfully because he is giving them a voice that Republican candidates have not given them in decades.

Zito writes: It’s as if people here have not turned on the television to hear pundits drone on and on about how badly Trump is losing in Pennsylvania. It’s not just visual: In interview after interview in all corners of the state, I’ve found that Trump’s support across the ideological spectrum remains strong. Democrats, Republicans, independents, people who have not voted in presidential elections for years — they have not wavered in their support. comment: Notice two things – Democrats and independents favoring Trump, and “people who have not voted in presidential elections for years” also doing so. These three factions are a huge boost for Trump. They will help him to win Pennsylvania.

Zito writes: Two components of these voters’ answers and profiles remain consistent: They are middle-class and they do not live in a big city. They are suburban to rural and are not poor — an element I found fascinating, until a Gallup survey last week confirmed that what I’ve gathered in interviews is more than just freakishly anecdotal. comment: The media narrative is that Trump voters are stupid and poor. This is untrue, and this fact also must be frightening to the Democrats. The winner this year will win the middle class. And by the way tens of millions of Democrat voters are genuinely stupid and/or poor.

Zito writes: The Gallup analysis, based on 87,000 interviews over the past year, shows that while economic anxiety and Trump’s appeal are intertwined, his supporters for the most part do not make less than average Americans (not those in New York City or Washington, perhaps, but their Main Street peers) and are less likely to be unemployed. comment: That is a huge sample of 87,000. The stereotypes are smashed. Along with the huge Trump rallies the Democrats should be very worried. Meanwhile Hillary rallies are poorly attended. She is holding fewer rallies these days because internet sleuths are attending and taking pictures and exposing how empty the rallies really are.

Zito writes: The study backs up what many of my interviews across the state have found — that these people are more concerned about their children and grandchildren. comment: Conservatives always think long-term; it is central to their worldview. Liberals think short-term, like the Welfare Staters who only wonder what program is next on their free cable TV.

Zito writes: While Trump supporters here are overwhelmingly white, their support has little to do with race (yes, you’ll always find one or two who make race the issue), but has a lot to do with a perceived loss of power. Not power in the way that Washington or Wall Street boardrooms view power, but power in the sense that these people see a diminishing respect for them and their ways of life, their work ethic, their tendency to not be mobile. (Many live in the same eight square miles that their father’s father’s father lived in.) comment: The US and global media have dismissed and trashed everything about the hard-working white people who built America. From TV to movies to news reports these people are disparaged and ridiculed. Many of them have had enough. Trump offers them a way to finally fight back.

Zito writes: Thirty years ago, such people determined the country’s standards in entertainment, music, food, clothing, politics, personal values. Today, they are the people who are accused of creating every social injustice imaginable; when anything in society fails, they get blamed. comment: Yet these are the people who keep the country going with their honesty and hard work. If you go into the black cities you see sloth, crime, chaos, stupidity, failure and poverty. And Democrats utterly dominate and control these cities.

Zito writes: The places where they live lack economic opportunities for the next generation; they know their children and grandchildren will never experience the comfortable situations they had growing up — surrounded by family who lived next door, able to find a great job without going to college, both common traits among many successful small-business owners in the state. comment: This is largely a result of the environmentalist War on Rural America. Every single economic development proposal for rural areas is challenged by wealthy “green” activists and lawyers funded by universities and rich urban leftists. This is intended to bankrupt the conservative white people in rural America.

Zito writes: These Trump supporters are not the kind you find on Twitter saying dumb or racist things; many of them don’t have the time or the patience to engage in social media because they are too busy working and living life in real time. comment: If you go out to rural America you will not see joggers or bicyclists or internet cafes where slackers sit around for hours drinking coffee and surfing the internet. Rural Americans don’t have time for that stuff. They are too busy growing our food or mining our coal or doing something else productive to engage in ridiculous time-wasting activities.

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