Alarming New Information Released about Hillary Emails

On Friday, September 2 the FBI released new information about Hillary Clinton’s emails. This is called a “holiday document dump” since it was issued at the beginning of the Labor Day weekend so that most Americans wouldn’t notice it.

The “dump” covers details about Hillary’s interview with FBI on the Saturday of July 4 weekend, which was another attempted holiday cover-up.

It is obvious that this email scandal is having a significant impact on Clinton’s campaign as her poll numbers plummet against Donald Trump – a 14 point drop in 10 days in one poll. Here are some of the highlights of the “document dump”. reports:

Hillary Clinton told FBI agents that she could not recall issues related to her email server at least 26 times, according to an 11-page document released by the FBI on Friday.

Clinton’s memory lapses are frequent during the interview, marked often by agents as “could not recall” and “did not remember.” But the “could not recall” remarks are often related not to long-distant emails, but things she should perhaps definitely recall.

And Clinton told the FBI she could not recall any briefing after her December 2012 fall that left her with a concussion, an admission that will surely stoke concerns about Clinton’s health and physical fitness to serve in the job of president.

…But Clinton’s memory doesn’t just fall short on email servers, vital procedures and possible security problems. When asked by the FBI to give an example of how a federal document arrives at classification, Clinton couldn’t. The FBI document is sure to raise issues about how Clinton and President Obama’s State Department handled secure papers and emails.

This is very disturbing. This persistent memory loss shows serious problems from Clinton’s 2012 concussion, when she fell down and hit her head. This is why the media are hiding this concussion story, since it is so explosive. reported:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost several mobile telephones carrying e-mails from her private server during her time in office, according to newly-release FBI documents on the investigation into her mishandling of classified information. “[Huma] Abedin and [former Clinton aide Monica] Hanley indicated the whereabouts of Clinton’s [mobile] devices would frequently become unknown once she transitioned to a new device,” one report indicates.

On other occasions, a staffer would destroy Clinton’s old mobile phones “by breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer,” the FBI documents reveal. The fact that Clinton’s staff attempted to destroy her old smartphones whenever they could indicates that they knew there was sensitive information on the devices.

…Federal law prohibits the unauthorized transfer, storage, or destruction of classified information. Federal records acts likewise prohibit the destruction of government documents, which would have included work-related emails on Clinton’s server and mobile devices. When old devices containing government documents are to be destroyed, there are precise procedures to be followed, especially if the devices are storing classified information that could endanger national security in the wrong hands.

Presumably, if Clinton’s old smartphones were lost, the information in her emails would be accessible to whoever had found them or obtained them by other means. …One report notes that Clinton is known to have used 11 smartphones while Secretary of State, and 2 thereafter. Investigators sought all 13 mobile devices, but two had been destroyed and none of the others could be found.

This leaves me speechless – 13 email devices missing. And she wants to be president? What will happen then? Will she lose the nuclear launch codes? Accidentally start a war? Don’t think that really bad things cannot happen with someone like this in charge. Just look at Benghazi for the proof. Was Benghazi part of Clinton’s incompetence and/or her inability to function? added:

According to the files, Clinton claimed to have relied on the judgment of her aides and other officials to handle classified material appropriately. She even told investigators — when asked what the “C” marking meant before a paragraph in an email marked “Confidential” – that “she did not know and could only speculate it was referencing paragraphs marked in alphabetical order.”

The FBI document notes that the email was in fact marked “classified at the Confidential level.” And when asked about different classification types like “Top Secret,” Clinton went on to say she “did not pay attention to the ‘level’ of classified information and took all classified information seriously.”

This is what happens when an incompetent female, ignorant about technology and surrounded by other incompetent females who are ignorant about technology, takes on an important job that is largely driven by information technology. continued:

Such passages could help explain why FBI Director James Comey said during congressional testimony in July that there were questions over whether Clinton was “sophisticated enough” to know at the time what a particular classified marking signified.

If she is not “sophisticated enough” about this as secretary of state, then how can she be president with ten times the responsibility? Good question. (the Smoking Gun website) reported this about the September 2 document “dump”:

The FBI’s Hillary Clinton investigation turned up evidence that her e-mail accounts were targeted in multiple “spear phishing” attacks, one of which may have tricked the then-Secretary of State into clicking a malicious link included in the correspondence.

An FBI investigative report released today includes a section on the “cyber targeting” of Clinton’s “personal E-mail and Associated Accounts” during her tenure at the State Department.

Though riddled with redactions, the FBI report reveals that Clinton became concerned about the legitimacy of an e-mail purportedly sent to her “from the personal e-mail of a State official.” The e-mail sent to Clinton, the FBI noted, “contained a potentially malicious link.”

In reply to the suspect e-mail, Clinton wrote, “Is it really from you? I was worried about opening it!” The FBI report does not indicate to which e-mail account Clinton sent her response.

At one point, Clinton aide Huma Abedin wrote to an associate indicating that Clinton was concerned about someone “hacking into her email” since Clinton had received an e-mail from a “known… associate” containing “a link to a website with pornographic material.”

While the FBI report does not state how Clinton knew the link in the suspect e-mail led to porn, it appears obvious that she clicked on the link.

Addressing that porn link, the FBI reported that there was “no additional information” as to whether “the specific link referenced by Abedin was used as a vector to infect Clinton’s device.”

That declaration is followed by two redacted lines. The FBI report then picks up with this statement: “Open source information indicated, if opened, the targeted user’s device may have been infected, and information would have been sent to at least three computers overseas, including one in Russia.”

Friends, this is just one single detail of what we know about this scandal and it is very troubling. Imagine what we don’t know, and what FBI does not know. After all she used this system for 4 full years. We have no idea how deep this scandal goes and how much sensitive information has fallen into the wrong hands under Hillary. Case in point: It is suspected that an Iranian nuclear scientist who was working secretly for the US was executed by the Iranian government after being found out through hacked Hillary emails.

This is why this information is supposed to be “classified” – so that the wrong people don’t find out about it.

Americans are much more fed up with Hillary over this issue than the media ever will let on. That is why her polls are sinking. If Hillary were a Republican there would be widespread demands that she quit the race. Here’s one more gem from The Weekly Standard (

As revealed by those FBI documents, Clinton told agents that she could not recall “any briefing or training by State related to the retention of federal records of handling of classified information”.

But the second paragraph of the Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement — which she signed on January 22, 2009—states that “I hereby acknowledge that I have received a security indoctrination concerning the nature and protection of classified information.”

This shows once again that she cannot remember many things today that happened prior to her December 2012 concussion, when she fell and hit her head, leading to a serious injury that also is being covered up by the Democrats and their media cronies.

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