Does Hillary Clinton Even Want to be President?

Does Hillary Clinton even want to be president? believes that she really no longer does, and that she has been forced into running by the media and the feminists and her husband and the Democrats as potentially The First Woman President. These liberals have been grooming Hillary since she first arrived on the national scene in 1991. They cannot stop now. It is far too late. believes that she lacks the stamina to be president. And that she now knows it and had hoped to coast to the White House, but now finds herself in a battle for her political life. Don’t think for a second that Trump is not surging significantly, and worrying the heck out of the Democrats.

Hillary Clinton simply does not look like someone who is happy to be campaigning. She sometimes seems detached and distracted, and cannot put her thoughts together. She talks in bland generalities. She avoids the public eye as much as possible.

Meanwhile Trump appears to be thoroughly enjoying his campaign and connecting with tens of millions of people, particularly in person at his huge rallies. He is speaking with great confidence. believes that Hillary is worn out but that she cannot quit the campaign, and that the presidency itself would be a vastly bigger challenge for her. It is frightening to think about a sick president.

Trump met with the Mexican president and with the people in Louisiana who have been devastated by floods. He has given four substantive speeches pointing out precisely how he wants to reform the nation. He has kept up a hectic campaign schedule. At the same time Hillary has done none of that because she physically cannot.

Meanwhile as Hillary flounders nervous Democrat are offering her advice, like Joe Biden who said that Hillary should let Americans “see her heart a little more”. Biden would not say this if he did not sense Trump’s momentum.

On the other hand liberal Republican US senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, formerly an anti-Trumper, said: “Trump is getting better. You can see a more disciplined message. …He’s had massive political body blows that would knock anybody else out. If he can cross the lines in the eyes of the public and be ready for the job, then I think you’re gonna have one hell of a race.”

So things are changing. In short Trump is showing that he has the so-called “fire in the belly” that presidential candidates need to win. Hillary does not. And for decades the media have been declaring that the “fire in the belly” is absolutely crucial to winning.

In other words, if the candidate does not look like he/she wants to win, then he/she will not win. Just ask John McCain and Mitt Romney. They both ran meek campaigns that were doomed to defeat. Romney especially could have won if he had had a spine and taken on Obama seriously.

It must be very dispiriting to see the tiny crowds that are turning out for Hillary, only about 50 people in Ohio and 200 people in Tampa, Florida. That is why she is appearing in small venues like school gyms, so that the rallies won’t look empty. And that is why her rallies are very carefully photographed, so that the small crowds are not exposed.

Conservative bloggers are now showing up at every Hillary event and taking pictures and posting them on the internet. There is even one blogger who has done a detailed video analysis of one Hillary rally showing how the whole thing was set up and photographed by Hillary staffers to make a miniscule crowd look large.

These small crowds are certainly having a deeply negative effect on Hillary and her staff. While they expected Trump-like crowds Trump is getting them and she is not.

Imagine if Trump had 200 people at a rally instead of 10,000. The media would be revealing it every time and declaring Trump a dead duck. But then those same media cover up for Hillary having 200 people and ignore 10,000 coming out for Trump. This “enthusiasm gap” is another huge plus for Trump.

On top of it all Hillary’s running mate Tim Kaine seems downright goofy while Mike Pence looks great.

Remember that Hillary suffered a serious concussion in December 2012 and was kept out of the public eye until the Democrat primaries in 2016. This certainly was due to the seriousness of the concussion and other health problems, possibly even Parkinson’s disease.

And now it is obvious that she cannot take the stress of putting on a serious campaign. Every one of Hillary’s public appearances is scripted as much as possible, and as brief as possible so that she can look perky and alert… for a short period, that is.

She has not given a press conference in more than nine months. Her interaction with reporters is kept very short, like a light chat masquerading as serious dialogue. When one journalist asked her about a new poll showing Trump ahead Hillary and her handlers abruptly turned and walked away.

That was a sign of weakness. If she had any courage or political smarts she would have said, “Oh, those are just polls. They go up and down. You just wait. They are going to swing my way big time.” This is what all politicians are trained to say.

But she did not. If you study basic human psychology you know that walking away really was a subliminal sign of surrender, rather than confidence and defiance. That spoke volumes about Hillary’s negative mindset at this point.

This all is adding up. has said for years that Hillary is a weak candidate. On the other hand wrote an editorial in January 2011 predicting that Trump was going to be elected president in 2012 (he had expressed an interest in running in 2012 although he finally did not). Because Trump is a strong, smart candidate who really wants to be president.

The tide is finally turning toward Trump because America is now focused on the election and Hillary looks weak and evasive. Her public coughing fits simply add to our questions: What is wrong with her now?

Campaigning is hard work and Hillary is clearly not up to it. She disappeared from the campaign trail for three full weeks between mid-August and Labor Day as Trump barnstormed. conjectures that she needed rest and was dispirited by the small post-convention crowds that she was getting in early August. And that her handlers decided that no campaign at all was actually better than the small crowds that she was getting.

One video shows her exiting a van and looking like an old lady who can barely walk. The famous photo of Hillary being helped up the stairs is now a major internet image. After all, she is 68 years old and for some people 68 is very old. Bill Clinton often looks very old and haggard too. On the other hand Trump looks very vigorous.

And now Hillary appears to be being coached by a mysterious black male with a shaved head. Nobody knows who he is. He hovered over her at a rally where she was startled by protesters, and he told her to “keep talking”. He then appeared again on her campaign plane when she had another coughing fit.

Who is this guy? Why does he have to tell her what to do? Is he a doctor? A coach? And why does she need him? He even appeared to be holding a medicinal injection pen at one point. What is that all about?!

Nobody knows. It is yet another Clinton mystery that is being covered up. believes that Hillary’s heart is not at all in this campaign. Remember that she wanted to be elected when she was 8 years younger, in 2008, but that Obama took that away from her. Now she must forge forth to hopefully become The First Woman President even as her campaign falters.

Her campaign has no excitement. Her answers to reporters’ question lack any kind of focus. She repeatedly falls back on attacking Trump. In one very brief press appearance she meandered into a claim that Trump somehow owes $650 million to somebody, but did not elaborate. This is typical childish anti-Trump stuff – just throw out some general slander and hope that it sticks. But it appears to be backfiring. Trump is surging.

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