Hillary Describes “Deplorable” Americans

On Friday, September 9 Hillary Clinton said something very distasteful. She said:

“… you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it.”

OK, so now on top of lying congenitally, offering horrible leadership as secretary of state, threatening our national security with her conduct over her emails, covering up for her husband’s abhorrent behavior with women, and concealing her poor health, she comes out with this stuff.

As if she does not have better things to say…

And rest assured that this comment really refers to ANDs – Anyone Not a Democrat.

This, friends, is deplorable language. But what else do you expect from a “deplorable” candidate of a “deplorable” party.
No, we conservatives and Trump supporters are not the “deplorable” ones. We are simply reacting to “deplorable” actions and behaviors by people whom the Democrats support without question or scrutiny.

We conservative are called “racist” for pointing out the truth about the horrendous behavior of blacks. We are called “Islamophobic” for wanting to crack down on and root out the Muslims who are trying to kill us every day. We are called “sexist” for opposing the radical feminist agenda that is destroying women by the millions. We are called “homophobic” for exposing the terrifying statistics about what gays to do each other by spreading disease in their own communities. We are called “xenophobic” (fear of strangers) for wanting to control the chaotic flow of illegal aliens into our nation. So let’s look at each subject:

*Black Americans, and their Democrat handlers, are the most racist people in our nation. Blacks rape, rob, assault and murder whites, hispanics, Asians and everyone else at astronomical rates. Yet the Democrat party and their media cronies defend this deplorable behavior every minute of every day, blaming it on everyone else. They refuse to report on it, they cover it up, they call it justified, or they outright lie about it.

And oh, yes, they call conservative ‘racists’ for pointing out the truth.

*According to the Kaiser Family Foundation 700,000 homosexual males have died of AIDS since 1981. This would be the equivalent of 75 MILLION people dying of a separate disease if AIDS were spread throughout the whole population.

This disease is not being spread by conservatives. This disease is what the gays are doing to each other, on top of myriad other pathologies that they are spreading. And the liberals utter not a single peep about it while calling us conservatives “homophobic” for questioning and/or opposing the deadly homosexual lifestyle.

*Muslims are spreading terror, violence and fear throughout the US and Europe. They are refusing to build up their own nations, but are trying to tear down ours. Why? Why do they attack us? Why don’t they fix their own cultures?

Answer: It is vastly easier to destroy than to build. Destroying is what ignorant, corrupt and evil people have been doing for thousands of years. Period. End of story.

We conservatives are rightly warning about these destructive people, yet Hillary Clinton calls us “Islamophobic”. What a ‘deplorable’ statement.

These extremist Muslims want to bring a radical form of sharia law to America to supplant our Constitution, which has made us the freest people on earth. At the same time statistical studies repeatedly show that hundreds of millions of Muslims worldwide now support violence against the West, that this is not some small fringe group of radical malcontents.

*We conservatives and Trump supporters are called “sexist” yet American women by the millions are suffering grievously under modern-day feminism. Single motherhood, promoted for decades by feminists like Clinton, leaves women and their children in high rates of poverty. Easy access to abortion had led tens of millions of women to make a “choice” that has haunted them for the rest of their lives. Rape and other forms of violence flourish in a culture in which loose sexual morals, encouraged by feminism, are considered the norm. Single women and single mothers and their children are even much more likely to be victims of other crimes than married women are.

Men historically ‘protect’ their wives in marriage. But feminists attack men relentlessly.

*Trump backers are called “xenophobic” for wanting to seal the border and control rampant, chaotic illegal immigration into the US when we know that this immigration is out of hand, and leading to huge increases in American unemployment, taxpayer dependency and crime.

Friends, it is the Democrats who are deplorable. And not just some of them. ALL of them. Every one. They support agendas that undermine our nation in every way and then point fingers at anyone who says different.

This is part of the accusatory culture of the left. Every day liberals and Democrats point their big accusing fingers at everyone else, when it is they themselves that are the sources of our problems. And as the old adage goes that big accusing finger always comes back to point at the accuser himself or herself.

Black America is deep into academic failure, poverty and crime. Yet who controls black America politically, lock, stock and barrel?
Democrats do. They “own” the failure of black America 100%.

Conservative solution: Black America must start rebuilding its culture from the ground up by going in the opposite direction from the Democrat agenda – toward hard work, opportunity, stable families, respect for the law, belief in God, and school choice, all advocated, by the way, by “deplorable” conservatives.

Muslims are coming to Europe and the US with hatred for all of our institutions. Yet who brings them here, makes it easy for them to come, and excuses terrorism every time by calling it “workplace violence” or some other crazy title?
Democrats do.

Conservative solution: Crack down on radical Muslims. It will spare the rest of our society endless woe.

Tens of millions of women have fallen into lives of loneliness and childlessness after listening to the femininsts tell them how awful men are.

Conservative solution: Stop vilifying men. Stop vilifying marriage and childbearing. Marriage and childbearing are healthy and natural for both men and women.

So friends, it is the Democrats who are truly “deplorable”. All of them. Every one of them. And unlike Hillary Clinton Nikitas3.com will never, ever apologize for saying that.

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